Ideal Tourist Destinations for Christmas Vacation in Vietnam

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Northern Vietnam is one of the areas with many beautiful scenes and tourist attractions capture a countless number of travelers’ hearts. Let’s discover the famous tourist destinations for Christmas vacation in Vietnam you should go for memorable trips!

Ideal Tourist Destinations for Christmas Vacation in Vietnam

Sapa is one of the hottest tourist destinations worth a visit during Christmas vacation. In the cold season, Sapa brings an extremely attractive beauty that visitors can hardly deny. Here, dense fog, white snow like an endless stretch of silk, mix in the rows of pine needles, weaving on the slopes of the mountains which makes customers feel like losing in Europe.

Sapa - Famous tourist destination in the winter in Northern Vietnam

Conquering the winter Fansipan peak in Sapa is a journey to paradise. From Fansipan, you can have a panoramic view of the mountains and forests in the white snow. Images of enchanting snow terraced fields, smoke from the folds of the house blend into the beautiful mist like the scenery, making many visitors feel excited.

Sapa - Famous tourist destination in the winter in Northern Vietnam

Coming to Sapa in the winter, you can try sitting by the warm pink fire to enjoy Sapa specialties such as steamed rice, wild meat, grilled chestnuts or sipping some corn wine. 

Sapa - Famous tourist destination in the winter in Northern Vietnam

2. Ha Giang - Vacation to pristine wonderland

Ha Giang is a familiar winter tourist destination. When you come here, you will feel the cold weather penetrating every cell in the body. But also in the winter, Ha Giang is beautiful with wild and idyllic scenes, clouds spreading all over the way, which makes those who love to travel and explore fill with emotions.

Ha Giang - Famous tourist destination in the winter in Northern Vietnam

This is the time when the vascular triangle flowers blossom, creating a wonderful picture, especially from October to December. The pink and white of triangular flower petals covered the terraced fields, layer upon layer of hills like a multi-layered skirt of a young woman. Those tiny flowers form a carpet of floating flowers covering the mountainsides. 

Besides, the gentle warmth from the honest of local people combined with the simple and free life here will warm your hearts. Winter is also a great season to enjoy the specialties of Ha Giang: victory, amaranth, buffalo meat, kitchen porridge, etc. Sitting in a small restaurant along the road, listening to the wind, enjoying the bowl hot or warm porridge, add a glass of hot corn wine is a taste that you can try once and never forget.

Ha Giang babygirl

3. Moc Chau - The Peaceful Land

Even in the coldest days of the North, Moc Chau is still beautiful with countless flowers blooming everywhere, which is an intriguing destination for Christmas vacation in winter. Coming here, the while flower garden is a destination not to be missed, especially in Thung Luong, the most beautiful place in Moc Chau.

Moc Chau - Famous tourist destination in the winter in Northern Vietnam​

Not only watching the field of white cabbage, pink of peach branches, you also feel the taste of heaven and earth on the tea hills. In the early winter afternoons, visitors can stand on the tea hill to see the fog is slowly falling, making Moc Chau peaceful and extraordinarily quiet.

Moc Chau - Famous tourist destination in the winter in Northern Vietnam​

The algidity in many Western countries of the last month keeps your craving for warm sunshine, hours tanning on the white smooth sand, and wallow in the turquoise crystal water grows stronger. 

Looking for such a place in Vietnam to spend the Christmas vacation, Phu Quoc island – or so-called paradise for having days by the beautiful beach, enjoy water activities and stunning seafood.

Phu Quoc Beach Vacation

In December, the weather is comfortable and warm, visitors can explore traditional villages, expansive nature parks, pagodas which easily accessible by taxi, bus, and motorbike without worrying about raining or storm.

Tranh stream Phu Quoc

Catering is various and able to adapt any budget level from local market diners to streetfood, expat-owned bistros that serve many countries’ cuisine.

Phu Quoc seafood

This beach area is the home of natural hot springs, unique waterfall, Champa Kingdom remnants, verdant mountains, and sandy beaches. Its variety of recreational activities serves visitors in any group size. 

Nha Trang Christmas Vacation

Because December is the peak season of international travelers, the Christmas vacation will be smoother and budget-saving if all accommodation, transportation is booked in advance.

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