3 Must-Visit Destinations In Winter Of Sapa

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Sapa is known as “city in the fog” with its majestic mountains, cool and pristine climate, year-round coolness. If you are planning to travel to Sapa this December, do not miss the following top 3 destinations that help you have the best  chance to capture the winter moment of Sapa.

3 Must-Visit Destinations In Winter Of Sapa

1. Sapa Winter: Ham Rong Mountain

Arriving in Sapa town, visitors will see a mountain as high as the blue cloud, which is Ham Rong Mountain – one of the most beautiful and must-visit tourist destinations in Sapa

Ham Rong Mountain Sapa Winter

To conquer Ham Rong peak, visitors will have to overcome steps built of stone and pass landscapes such as Orchid Garden, Peach Garden, Sapa Telecommunication Station, San May and Heaven Gate. Orchid Garden is the first stop in the journey to reach Ham Rong peak. The wild beauty combined with the beauty of human-built miniatures creates an extremely attractive flower space. Flowers are everywhere, colorful, making the mountain space fantastic.

Must-Visit Destination in Winter in Sapa: Ham Rong Mountain

The third and also the most scenic spot at Ham Rong Mountain is called “Cloud Yard”. When standing in “Cloud Yard”, visitors can see clouds hovering under their feet, creating a special feeling which is very hard to describe. Looking down from “Cloud Yard”, visitors will see the whole Sapa town hidden in the clouds. Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat village, beautiful terraced fields beside Ta Van village will gradually appear. 

2. Sapa Winter: Fansipan Peak

With a height of 3.143m, Fansipan is the roof of Indochina. On clear days, you can see an immense mountainous region below from Fansipan. Here, you will be able to watch the sunrise from above and admire the miniature world under your feet. 

If you come here on a snowy day in winter, you will find yourself lost on the “kingdom in the snow” full of magic.  This is a time for you to see the winter in snow, which does not often appear in tropical climates countries, especially in Vietnam.

Must-Visit Destination in Winter in Sapa: Fansipan Peak

Now, with the help of a modern cable car system, you can arrive there safely with family and friends in just 15 minutes. Through the doorway of the cable car, you will admire the beautiful scenery of terraces, forests, valleys, craggy mountains, etc. They become indescribably wonderful from above, sometimes hidden, sometimes present in each layer of white clouds.

Fansipan Sapa Winter Location

3. Sapa Winter: Muong Hoa Valley

When traveling to Sapa, visitors should not miss the must-visit tourist destination – Muong Hoa valley. In Muong Hoa valley, there are beautiful terraced fields, a stream flowing through, which create a romantic like a fairy tale. Here, many ethnic people of Mong, Tay, Dao live. In the fall, Muong Hoa wears a dreamy yellow dress. When the winter comes, the golden color makes way for the pure white to shine, creating a unique scenery.

Must-Visit Destination in Winter in Sapa: Muong Hoa Valley

The special thing in this destination in Sapa is the ancient rock ground, where the rocks have many different shapes and strange characters, interspersed between grass and terraced fields. So far, these special signs are still a mystery that no one has yet discovered.

Must-Visit Destination in Winter in Sapa: Muong Hoa Valley

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