Vietnam Frequently Asked Questions

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Before traveling to Vietnam, travelers usually have a huge concern about: Do I need a visa or Which is the best time to travel? Fayfay here to help you answer Vietnam frequently asked questions.

Vietnam Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Question: I heard that Vietnam has visa exemptions. How do I know I qualify?

Vietnam offers visa exemptions to travelers from 24 countries. Have more information about visa exemptions HERE.

#2 Question: Do overseas Vietnamese tourist need a visa?

Foreign spouses or children of Vietnamese citizens or overseas Vietnamese who are eligible for entry visa exemption shall submit dossiers. Visitors in this group are allowed to stay for visa-free for up to 6 months.

#3 Question: Do I need a visa to visit Phu Quoc Island?

Foreigners and Vietnamese holding foreign passports who enter, exit and reside on Phu Quoc island are exempted from visa for a temporary stay not exceeding 30 days. If foreigners enter an international border gate of Vietnam (including by air and by sea), stay in the transit area at that border gate, then transfer to Phu Quoc island, they will be exempt from visa as prescribed. 

Visas issued on arrival are only given to tourists holding the visa application first. The letter can be arranged within a few days through your local embassy or third party travel agent prior to your journey.

Vietnam also offers e-visas for stays of up to 30 days for citizens of 80 countries.

You can read all about the e-Visa application process clearly HERE

How to Apply for Vietnam’s e-Visa

  1. Open the official website for Vietnam’s e-Visa Application

  2. Upload .jpg images of your passport data page and passport photo

  3. Fill up all required info from your passport data page

  4. Fill up all required info regarding your trip

  5. Pay the e-Visa fee using any of the payment methods offered

  6. Receive your registration code and save the number

Questions about health & safety in Vietnam

#1 Question: Is Vietnam safe for solo female tourists?

Vietnam is one of the safest countries for female travelers in the region. Vietnamese people are so friendly and kind. In small countryside, they tend to shy with foreigners. But for some situations, using your judgment wisely. In cities, especially Ho Chi Minh City, women should pay attention to snatching handbags from motorists.

#2 Question: What are the most common sicknesses that travelers usually get in Vietnam?

The worst thing you will get a common cold or some minor sickness in Vietnam. Heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke and dehydration can be a problem during the hot season. Always be alert about hydration, usually apply sunscreen, bring mineral water and wear long-sleeved clothes.

#3 Question: Is there malaria in Vietnam? And Is it easy to get this sick?

The risk of malaria is increasing in the rural highlands. Consider taking anti-malaria medication before traveling to remote areas. A more common mosquito-borne disease is dengue fever, which is more frequent nationwide in the past few years. The best precaution is to wear an insect spray at all times and cover your ankles and arms, especially in the evening and sunset time.

Questions about transportation

transportation in vietnam

#1 Question: How much does a taxi from the airport cost?

A taxi cost from Ho Chi Minh Airport and Tan Son Nhat Airport is from VND 120,000 to VND 170,000. It takes about 30 to 50 minutes. An airport taxi from Ha Noi Bai airport is fixed at VND 330,000 and lasts about 45 to 60 minutes depending on traffic.

If you are worried about the taxi services in Vietnam. Let’s book a transport transfer HERE at a reasonable price.

#2 Question: Which taxi brands should I use that is affordable and safe?

Unfortunately, taxi scams are a big problem in Vietnam. You should use reputable taxi companies, such as Taxi Group in Hanoi (red and blue horizontal stripes), Vinasun in Ho Chi Minh City (white taxis) and Mai Linh in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities (green taxis). Grab, Bee and GoViet are also available for booking in Vietnam if you have a Vietnamese SIM card.

#3 Question: What are the best airlines to fly domestically?

Vietnam Airlines is the best airline in Vietnam, it flies to 21 destinations nationwide and is a reliable option. If you want to save money, Vietjet, Jetstar and Bamboo Airways are reasonable options but they usually delay.

#4 Question: How long does it take to travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City by train?

Reunification Express have stops in Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet (Mui Ne) and Ho Chi Minh City, if you stay on the whole journey, it will take you 36 hours.

Travel by train is slow, but it is will be a memorable journey because you can see the whole wonderful scenery in Vietnam.

Reunization Express services run 7:30 PM; 10pm; 6AM; 9AM; 1:10 PM every day from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

#5 Question: What is the rental price for a motorbike in Vietnam?

You should be careful when you find rental shops to rent a motorbike in Vietnam. The rental price depends on the quality of the bike. On average, It is about 6 to 12 USD / day and you have to pay 2 USD to refuel.

You may be required to deposit your passport at a motorcycle shop or leave a deposit. You also require your passport or your ID card when check-in hotel. 

Remember wear a helmet on the road if you don’t want to have problems with the police.

Explore more details here:

Transportation around Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Da Lat

Hanoi – Sapa; Hanoi – Halong Bay; Da Nang, Hoi An – Hue; HCMC – Hanoi; HCMC – Phu Quoc; Da Lat – Mui Ne; HCMC – Nha Trang; Da Lat – Nha Trang; HCMC – Da Nang, Hoi An

Question #5 Question: What should I do when I get lost?

Firstly, you have to be calm. If you can use Google Maps, let’s search it. Google Maps is a helpful assistant in this situation.

But in rural and remote areas, Google map is usually wrong, don’t follow it, let’s ask the locals for help. Use Google translate to communicate with them. 

Questions about Vietnam traveling tips


#1 Question: When is the best time to visit Hanoi and Ha Long Bay?

The climate in Northern Vietnam is temperate, so you should prepare warm clothes for cold weather in the winter months from December to March. The months of April and May usually are hot. While from September to October are prefered best because of the cool weather and blue sky.

#2 Question: What is specific time in the year that I should avoid traveling to Vietnam?

The weather in April and May can be extremely hot, especially in Southern Vietnam. Some areas, like Central Vietnam, there are storms and floods at the end of the rainy season. In addition, during the New Year holidays, many shops tend to close, which can cause inconvenience for visitors when lacking time.

#3 Question: What is the best thing to do in Sapa?

The best fascinating activity in Sapa is trekking in Mount Fansipan. Besides it, you also could explore Sapa by riding a motorbike through steep hills. If you don’t like adventure games above, Yao herbal bath is suitable for you, it offers a relaxing experience, or you can take the cable car to Mount Fansipan. You can also explore the culture of the ethnic at colorful markets and craft classes.

#4 Question: What is the best way to experience Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park?

Phong Nha has famous recently because of the Son Doong opening – the world’s largest cave system. If you don’t have the money or the patience to wait for a long two-year queue, Phong Nha is a better choice. You can take a boat from the town and immerse yourself into the freshwater of the river to Phong Nha cave in hours or take a day walk in the Phong Nha national park.

Other questions


#1 Question: Do Vietnamese people use English frequently?

Vietnamese people can use English frequently especially in tourist cities: Hanoi, HCMC, Sapa, Da Nang, Hoi An,… so don’t worry that you can not communicate with them.

You also can use Google translate to help you communicate with the locals.

Moreover, booking a tour guide is also a great idea if you are wondering where you should visit, how to plan the effective itinerary and get more closed with locals.

#2 Question: What Vietnamese words should I start learning?

Just keep it simple. Let’s start with a smile and say Xin Chao (Hello/goodbye) and Cam on (Thank you). 

You can learn how to speak simple Vietnamese on Youtube.

#3 Question: Is there a dresscode for some attractions in Vietnam?

When visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleums, churches, pagodas in Vietnam you should wear polite clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. Don’t forget to remove your hat when entering a temple, pagoda.

#4 Question: What are the best cooking classes in Vietnam?

There is no better than cooking Vietnamese food for your family and close friends after your Vietnam trip that is an amazing gift for them. There are a lot of cooking classes with various kinds of food from modern cooking classes in HCMC or traditional food in Hoi An or Hue that you can refer to and book HERE.

#5 Question: Is it easy to find vegetarian food in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a vegetarian-friendly country. Vegetarian cuisine may be easy to find everywhere. Especially vegetables in Vietnam is very cheap and desserts are often vegan. But Vietnamese people love to enjoy the fish sauce and this is not for vegetarians so you have to pay attention to it. Vegetarian food usually eats with soy.

There are also some vegetarian food tours that you can choose from:

Hanoi Vegetarian Half-day Food Tour

Saigon Vegetarian Half-day Food Tour

Hoi An Vegetarian Half-day Food Tour

Hue Vegetarian Half-day Food Tour believes that all FAQs above will help you have a safe and exciting trip to this beautiful country – Vietnam. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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