Exciting Experience With 5 Water Sports in Da Nang

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With those who have arrived in Da Nang, the image of a modern city with long blue beaches and white sand has always left a strong impression in visitors’ minds. Besides being famous for its beautiful scenery, this place also attracts travelers with extremely unique beach activities. Let’s come with Fayfay to experience the 5 most exciting water sports in Da Nang.

Exciting Experience With 5 Water Sports in Da Nang

1. Da Nang Water Sports - Surfing

Without any previous experience in water sport, surfing is the most accessible. Although Da Nang’s beaches do not have big waves, many surfers come to this city because the waves here roll evenly. Surfing is a walk on the water, which gives you a refreshing feeling.

2. Da Nang Water Sports - Kayaking

Kayaking is an interesting water sport that uses a kayak to move across the water, with the help of a two-wing paddle. Kayaking is a great way for you to exercise, help to raise your fitness level. As you become more confident in rowing, you can paddle faster and start increasing strength, endurance and stamina.

Kayaking is not only a great physical exercise but also can help you relax, create a sense of adventure.

Kayaking - Da Nang Water Sports
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3. Da Nang Water Sports - Fishing and diving

Son Tra Peninsula is 8km from Da Nang city center. This is an ideal place for tourists to experience fishing and diving. The area is not only famous for the enchanting forest, spectacular ocean view from the mountain, lively animals but also some diving areas where vibrant coral reefs, ocean creatures can be observed underwater.

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4. Da Nang Water Sports - Snorkeling

Snorkeling is another exciting water activity that easily approaches, even for no-swimming skill people. Swimming with a mask is more popular, regardless of body condition, age, you will be able to observe and immerse in the wonderful underwater life.

Snorkeling - Da Nang Water Sports
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5. Da Nang Water Sports - Underwater Walking

Underwater walking is an ideal choice for those who want to explore the life of the ocean and water sports in Da Nang but are not good at swimming or do not want to dive. This is suitable for people who do not know diving or swimming can easily walk under the ocean. Before exploring the seabed, tourists will be equipped with a professional helmet with transparent screens, no air tanks required. Visitors can freely explore life on the seafloor but still can breathe like on the ground. This experience of walking on the seafloor in Da Nang is for those who can not swim, aged 8- 80 years old

Under Water Walking - Da Nang Water Sports
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