Cat Ba Island Vietnam 2D1N Review Within $70 Budget

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Located about 60 km from Hai Phong city center, Cat Ba Island Vietnam (also known as Ngoc Island) is one of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf of Tonkin. With its pristine beauty, secluded among the sprawling limestone mountains, Cat Ba Island will be the ideal destination in your Vietnam 2D1N trip within $70.

Cat Ba Island Vietnam 2D1N Review Within $70 Budget

Transportation to Cat Ba Island Vietnam

To Cat Ba Island By Bus

You can easily take a bus at Hanoi Old Quarter to come to Cat Ba Island with Daiichitravel at only VND 260,000 (including the high-speed boat ticket)

If you find it hard to travel by bus, take a look at the bus ticket website.

How To Get To Cat Ba Island Vietnam

To Cat Ba Island By Car

Cat Ba Island Vietnam location is about 150km away from Hanoi Capital and takes about 3-hour driving by car. You can rent a car charter to be more convenient and comfortable HERE

Direction: From Hanoi, you go straight to Highway No.5 to Hai Phong city, continue to turn left towards Chua Ve port. Then follow the direction of Chua Ve Port, turn right to go to Dinh Vu ferry port. From here, you can buy tickets for the high-speed train from two companies: Hoang Yen hydrofoil and CatBa Island Resort & Spa. Train ticket price is about VND 200,000 – 250,000 / person, only takes about 45 minutes to move quickly and conveniently.

Accommodation in Cat Ba Island

The standard living cost on the island is cheap so that you can find a lot of quality rooms at affordable prices. One of them is Nhat Mai Hotel with only VND 250,000/ night.

Accommodation in Cat Ba Island
The lobby of Nhat Mai Hotel

Best time to travel to Cat Ba Island Vietnam

Cat Ba Island Vietnam is the largest island in Halong Bay and has always been considered one of the must-see destinations of Vietnam. 

    Best time to travel to Cat Ba Island Vietnam​
    Breathtaking view in Cat Bat Island

    The best time to explore Cat Ba Island is in April, May, and June but this island is beautiful all year round. In the travel season, the price is high and usually crowded.

    Best time to travel to Cat Ba Island Vietnam

    Therefore, if you do want to enjoy a comfortable holiday, visit in the beginning of April or July. The service price is cheaper and you could save a lot of money when you travel on weekdays.

    Cat Ba Island Vietnam Trip: Day 1

    7.45 AM: Take a bus and start the Cat Ba Island Vietnam 2D1N trip.

    11.00 AM: Come to Cat Ba, check-in at the hotel.

    12.30 PM: Have lunch at a local market on 1/4 street, Cat BaThe first must-try dish in Cat Ba Is Shrimp Vermicelli Soup (Bun Tom) at price range from VND 30,000 to 50,000. 

    Noodle with shrimp has long been a famous specialty in Cat Ba Island Vietnam with the typical flavor that is nowhere having. The shrimp vermicelli dish has the unique taste of fresh fish fillet, ocean shrimp, and the gentle sweetness fragrance of broth. Shrimp vermicelli soup that is served with raw vegetables and chili are really delicious.

    Cat Ba Island Vietnam Trip: Day 1​
    The delicious shrimp noddle soup in Cat Ba Island

    1.00 PM: Take a taxi to Phao Dai Than Cong. Price ticket: VND 40,000 / person.

    Coming here, you should try Phao Dai Coffee Shop to ship coffee while seeing all the wonderful scenery of Cat Ba Island Vietnam.

    3.00 PM: Come back to the hotel and take a short rest. After that discovering Cat Ba Island Vietnam by electric car at only VND 10,000 / person, the route crosses Cat Co 3 Beach – a beautiful beach having the mountainous background that is an ideal check-in destination. 

    Cat Ba Island Vietnam Trip: Day 1​
    It's time to go swimming

    7.00 PM: It’s time for yummy dinner. We recommend Quang Anh Cat Ba restaurant that is very famous in Cat Ba Island Vietnam.

    • Address: Cai Beo Bay, Cat Hai
    • Opening hours: 8.00 AM – 10.00 PM
    • Phone number: 0313 888 395

    Full stock of fresh seafood, the restaurant is often crowded with food and drink.

    Cat Ba Island Vietnam Trip: Day 1​
    Floating Quang Anh Cat Ba Restaurant

    The special feature is that the restaurant is floating above the ocean, bring a unique experience while tasting seafood meal.

    Cat Ba Island Vietnam Trip: Day 2

    7.00 AM: Wake up and enjoy breakfast at the hotel.

    8.00 AM: Traveling to Lan Ha Bay, you ought to book a tour at price about VND 400,000 (including lunch) that you could ask the hotel about the tour.

    In the tour, you will have chance to roll a kayak, visit monkey island. 

    Note: Be careful with the monkeys, they could bite you.

    3.00 PM: End the tour, back to the hotel and check out the room. Come back to Ha Noi.

    Cat Ba Island Vietnam is a great attraction when traveling to Vietnam. We hope you can have a great 2 days 1 nights trip to this beautiful island with a lot of memorable moments here. 

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