20-year Vendor Rib Porridge in Hanoi

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For a long time, rib porridge is a dish associated with the capital Hanoi. In the past, porridge was often sold on street vendors or street carts. Following Fayfay.com to understand more about this delicious Hanoi food!

20-year Cruller Porridge Cart in Ngo Huyen, Hanoi

Hanoi Rib Porridge Address

Hanoi food: Information​

Address: 43 Ngo Huyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Opening hours11:00 – 18:30

Price range: VND 15.000 – 33.000

Hanoi Rib Porridge And Its Special taste

Despite its simplicity, the cuisine is still impressed by its delicious taste, especially when eaten hot, cooked with shrimp, cruller, pork rib, and pepper. This is an ideal dish for visitors in Hanoi because of its yummy & gentle taste.

Hanoi food: Special taste​​

Preserving the traditional tastes, the dish is made from rice flour and bone broth. Therefore, the porridge has a soft, smooth texture. According to the owner of Ngo Huyen rib porridge, every day she has to bake bones from 4 am to 7 pm then she will pour flour into it. Porridge dish is cooked according to personal experience. 

Hanoi food: Special taste​​

Each type of ingredients will bring different flavors. Pork cartilage is cleaned and well-sliced. Therefore, it still keeps the crunchy texture. The most perfect side dish for eating together with rib porridge is cruller. Each bowl of porridge has about 2 small pieces. To make the dish tastier, diners can request more salted shrimp.

Hanoi food: Special taste​​

When serving, rib and onion are well-cutted, lie in the bottom. Afterward, the seller adds shrimps and crullers into the top layer of porridge. When eating, diners can add pepper and red chili. While having each spoon of porridge with the side dishes, you will feel the taste from the bone and the sweet taste of porridge. That is wonderful cuisine when you want to enjoy a full dish in Hanoi in your Vietnam trip.

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