Golden Rice Season in Mu Cang Chai, North Vietnam

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Annually in September & October, when coming to the rice harvest season in Mu Cang Chai Vietnam, this is also the ideal time for travelers to go hunt for the amazing golden rice season.

Golden Rice Season in Mu Cang Chai Vietnam

Breathtaking Mu Cang Chai in North Vietnam

When the sky coming to Autumn, this is also the time when the golden color covers all the hillsides of Mu Cang Chai Vietnam. As the most attractive destination in every harvest (September, October each year). This attraction never makes travelers feel disappointed. 

Allured by charming curves of beautiful Tu Le valley and are overwhelmed with amazing dawn, sunset. Take a deep breath while sense the gentle scent of ripe rice on the outstretching field, soil and immerse yourself in the infinite sky. 

Breathtaking Beauty of Mu Cang Chai Vietnam​
The view is likely a masterpieces

Mu Cang Chai Vietnam is in the top 10 most beautiful terraces in the world. Located in Yen Bai province, nearly 300 km northwest of Hanoi, the area has 2,200 hectares of terraced fields. In particular, 500 hectares of 3 communes: La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha, and De Xu Phinh are recognized as National Attractions in 2007. 

Breathtaking Beauty of Mu Cang Chai Vietnam​

Bring back fascinating memories when emploring at the golden time in Mu Cang Chai Vietnam. Moreover, in the journey to hunt for Mu Cang Chai golden rice season, you will also be overwhelmed with the Khau Pha Pass (one of the 4 great pass peaks of Vietnam).

Let yourself into the wind and the breathtaking views of the fields below from the sky with Khau Pha Paragliding – an extreme sport that you can explore.

Local daily life in Mu Cang Chai

Apart from rice terraces, the local village at the hillsides, the small shanty or the smoke from firewoods are iconic images of a simple and quiet life in a high place. 

The simple life of the golden days in Mu Cang Chai Vietnam​

As a way of life, people in the villages lead cattle afield early in the morning. Adults harvest rice in the paddy fields, carefree children play around their mothers. The mischievous babies with innocent smiles.

The people are kind and hard-working. All activities are well-harmonized in the rhythm of life: busy but not a hurry.

The simple life of the golden days in Mu Cang Chai Vietnam​

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