Da Lat Places For Brilliant Wild Sunflower Photo Background

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Dalat in October is full of energy from the brilliant color of sunshine – wild sunflowers. The blooming season of this flower also a reason for locals coming to Da Lat. Let’s see which places that locals love to visit for having the best photo background.

Da Lat Places For Brilliant Wild Sunflower Photo Background

Wild Sunflowers in route: Cam Ly - Van Thanh - Ta Nung - Elephant Waterfall

The route from Cam Ly Airport – Van Thanh Flower Village – Ta Nung – Elephant Waterfall is one of the most beautiful attractions with blooming wild sunflowers in Dalat.

Running along the road is a full picture of yellow flowers on both sides, the most beautiful view is the old Cam Ly airport area that has been attracted a huge visitors for a long time.

Wild Sunflowers Dalat: Cam Ly - Van Thanh - Ta Nung - Elephant Waterfall​
Cam Ly Airport is an ideal place to captures the best moments of wild sunflowers in Dalat @s0614.store

On the hillsides of raddle, wild sunflowers appear in contrast to the color of the surrounding scenery, going deep into the hills which have the paths creating attractive golden paths for you to take a pose. In addition, you can visit the attractions of Flower Village, Elephant Falls, Langbiang tourist area nearby.

dalat wild sunflower route

Wild Sunflowers in route: Phrenn Falls - Lien Khuong Highway

At the beginning of the road to Lien Khuong – Prenn pass, you look to the left, you will see hills, raddle road filled with a vivid yellow of this flower. 

Wild Sunflowers Dalat: Phrenn Falls - Lien Khuong Highway
Capture the best moments in Dalat in this special season @teeannnnn

The Lien Khuong highway is also a road with many flowers in Dalat. When looking at the direction of Elephant Mountain, you will see a whole hill of yellow flowers of this gorgeous flower.

Wild Sunflowers in route: Cau Dat - Dran - Don Duong - Phi Nom

A small town in the valley at the foot of the D’ran mountain pass, about 40 km from Dalat. D’ran brings a very poetic beauty from the beautiful houses made of pinewood and the forest, mountain surrounding the valley. 

dalat sunflower route
Dreamy moments with wild sunflowers in D'ran Dalat

From the last days of the rainy season, that beauty is covered with the yellow wild sunflowers.

Wild Sunflowers Dalat: Cau Dat - Dran - Don Duong - Phi Nom

These attractions are one of the long roads to hunt bringing the indescribable feelings of the journey. The deep valleys are nestled into the pine forests along mountain roads, clouds and golden color of wild sunflowers attract thousands of people coming to Dalat every year in October. 

Wild Sunflowers in route: Bao Dai's Palace - Tuyen Lam Lake - Clay Tunnel

Starting from Bao Dai’s Palace ( Third Palace), you will pass a long way with blooming wild sunflowers. At the junction road, you turn towards the road going to the Clay Tunnel resort.

Wild Sunflowers Dalat: Cau Dat - Dran - Don Duong - Phi Nom
Going to Dalat this season, you will see the blooming wild sunflowers everywhere

From this turn you will see a lot of these golden flowers in Tuyen Lam lake area. If you go to this direction you can visit Tuyen Lam Lake, Truc Lam Temp;e and Clay Tunnel.

dalat sunflower route bao dai palace
The awesome golden road in Dalat is an ideal place for visitors in this October

An Binh Street along Tuyen Lam Lake leads visitors coming to the Clay Tunnel. There is always a hill of yellow flowers. Big beautiful flowers and the two sides of the walkway are filled with brilliant yellow flowers.

Wild Sunflowers in route: Dalat City Center

Wild Sunflowers Dalat: Dalat Center​
The yellow color of the flowers likes a sun in the sky

If you are not a person who like hunting for natural sites to see yellow flowers, there are a few areas to go around in the city, enough for you to live virtual! 

Wild Sunflowers Dalat: Dalat Center​
These places are perfect for couple's pictures in Dalat

Dalat University, the road to Minh Hoa Seminary. Or the Pham Hong Thai street next to Dalat station is the place where many wild flowers bloom.

Wild Sunflowers in route: Highway No.20 - Phu Hiep - Di Linh

This route is convenient for those who move from Saigon to Dalat. Because this place is about 50km to go to the city center so it is not very convenient if you want to spend time to hunt for flowers and then return to the center. 

dalat sunflower route highway no20
Beautiful routes are covered with full of golden flowers

Wild Sunflowers in route: Bong Lai - Dalat Milk Farm

Tu Tra – Bong Lai area, near Dalat Milk farm, O’star farm, flowers also bloom on both sides of the road. If you take a motorbike from Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nhim hydroelectric, you will see lots of flowers.

Wild Sunflowers Dalat: Bong Lai - Dalat Milk Farmer​
Let's dress up and have a best friend to take pictures for you
Wild Sunflowers Dalat: Bong Lai - Dalat Milk Farmer​
Wild sunflowers are the great background for you to live virtual

Wild Sunflowers Dalat: Tips

dalat sunflower guide

The best time to take photos of wild sunflowers is 9 – 10 AM or about 3 – 5 PM, when the sun rises and about to set, light is also gentle enough.

Referring to wild sunflowers, people usually remember the yellow color that covers the roads in Dalat. Making visitors want to come every October in their Vietnam trip. So let’s go immediately and dress up to have the best photos to share with your friends and family!

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