Trips Around Hanoi: Finding Peace In MGallery Legacy, Yen Tu

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Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery is the combination of leisure travel and spiritual travel where you can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi or you want to explore trips around Hanoi. This is an ideal place for you!

Trips around Hanoi: Legacy Yen Tu

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Introduction

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Introduction

Legacy Yen Tu, MGallery by Sofitel is located in Uong Bi City which is just 1 hour driving from Ha Long Bay and Cat Bi Airport and 3 hours driving from Hanoi. Coming to this resort, visitors will be immersed in the heart of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism, enjoy the beautiful view and peaceful atmosphere of Yen Tu mountain and Yen Tu village with trekking and adventure activities available.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Introduction

The best thing in Legacy Yen Tu is architectural style, it is have loyal of old kings but still chic and modern. The design details are meticulous from the smallest features creating one extremely warm space.

If you want to find a peaceful atmosphere, this is one of wonder tours around Hanoi!

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Transportation

Legacy Yen Tu is a 5-star resort and was designed by Bill Bensley architect – author of numerous luxury resorts worldwide. Legacy Yen Tu is about 135 km from Hanoi with nearly 3 hours driving. You can book Limousine car of Phuc Xuyen. But Limousine doesn’t pick up or drop in Legacy so we have to take a taxi. It’s about 15 km that you will come to Spiritual Legacy Resort – Yen Tu.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Transportation
  • Things should bring: camera, phone, hat or umbrella.
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Ticket Price of Limousine: VND 260,000.
  • Taxi Price: VND 160,000.
  • Limousine number phone: 02432363236.
  • Taxi number phone: 0369372988
  • Tips: Arrive early to walk around and take photos with space outside the resort.

Moreover, Legacy Yen Tu also has transportation services that you can choose:

  • VND 870,000/person for at least 4 guests order
  • VND 670,000/person for at least 7 guests order

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: View

Feeling first when you arrive is  “surprised totally” by the majestic space of an appearance as a royal ancient place of the past century.

Almost space here from campus, corridors, the halls are built according to the architecture of the old houses. Even the costumes of the staff were also inspired by the culture of Buddhism, receptionists’ outfits like the defender in the palace of kings. The campus until the rooms bring to guests feeling very close, like being a return to ancient times.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: View ​
  • Things to bring: camera, cell phone, and a friend.
  • Time: 1 – 2 hour(s).
  • Tips: Prepare a simple outfit, wear skirts or trousers over knees where the spiritual place.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Accommodation

If space outside the resort architecture gives visitors feeling “surprise totally”, the rooms of the resort will bring visitors the amazing experience and the meticulous detail.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Accommodation

The first feeling when entering the room of the hotel is feelings with the Tran royal material that is very familiar with the people of Vietnam. The natural materials such as pottery, copper, stone, wood feel very luxurious but classic. 

And especially it was designed meticulously from the smallest things like the door latches. 

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Accommodation

Room Facilities is complete, only that he saw no televisions in the rooms. Maybe I think what you want people outside the resort experience and participate in the activities of the resort.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Accommodation
  • Room: Deluxe Double.
  • Price: VND 2,760,000 / night
  • Things to bring: Cardroom, phone or camera 
  • Duration: Unlimited.
  • Tips: Prepare one concept before and few suits that suitable to concept.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Gym Center

After check-in to virtual living and the rest after a tired path coming to this place. You can choose the service gym. Space and classic design mixed with a modern style. Guests are impressed by the floor of the gym that is very clean. 

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Gym Center

The gym center here has enough training machines such as treadmill, nautilus machines,… Especially, the gym has towels and water for everyone. 

  • Things to bring: suitable cloths, gloves,…
  • Time: 45 minutes.
  • Tips: You should warm up before practicing.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Swimming Pool

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: swimming pool

After working out in the gym center in Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery. You can experience the swimming pool here. The pool has a depth of only 1.3 m so don’t worry when you don’t know how to swim. 

Opening hours:  6h30 – 18h00.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tho Quang Restaurant

Evening tourists can dine at Tho Quang Restaurant in 1st floor of the resort. Here you will find almost the materials used at the resort are wooden. 

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tho Quang Restaurant​

And when entering the restaurant you will find one folk style restaurant. Majority of raw materials are purchased from locals around the resort and is cooked by French chefs. 

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tho Quang Restaurant​
Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tho Quang Restaurant​

Here is a set in this restaurant:

  • Price: VND 385,000/set
  • 4 Shrimp.
  • Soup with asparagus and egg whites.
  • A special dish fromLegacy Yen Tu.
  • 1 bowl of white rice 
  • Dessert: Chocolate cakes and ice cream.
  • 2 cups orange juice: VND 240,000 (this order is not in the set menu). 
Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tho Quang Restaurant​
Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tho Quang Restaurant​

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tea Meditation

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tea Meditation

You can choose Tea Meditation to enjoy the space and sip a cup of tea. What you see architectural space here is very beautiful like a luxurious palace, modern colors. Every corner you can capture beautiful pictures.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tea Meditation
  • Things to bring: Camera, phone and money. 
  • Time: 1-2 hours.
  • Tips: At 17h00 – 18h00 you can buy 1 get 1.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Agarwood Meditation

Agarwood Meditation is known as an experience that is a unique subject only having in Legacy Yen Tu that you can try when having trips around Hanoi. Meditation classes are organized daily. If you have the opportunity to visit the Legacy, you should experience one time, it is very good for your spirit.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Agarwood Meditation​
  • Things to bring: Keep the spirit of the greatest comfort during workouts.
  • Duration: 1 hour from 10h00 – 11h00.
  • Cost: VND 450,000.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Tips

If you have time, you should choose to stay 3 days 2 nights to be able to experience more Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery’s services. 

You can choose another restaurant: Tung Lam or eat in the local market located in a village next to the resort.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Inconclusion​

In the evening from 20h00 – 21h00, there is a music festival at the communal house, after dinner, you can experience cultural space here.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Inconclusion​

When coming to this attraction, you should choose casual clothes, not too short to keep the spirit of the resort.

The staff here are very friendly, enthusiastic and professional so don’t doubt to ask them if you have any problems.

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Inconclusion​

Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery: Inconclusion​

With this trip, it is one great experience. Guests will be relaxed and get away from hustle and bustle of Hanoi and immersed in the peace of this rural resort. Let’s have a plan to come one of the best trips around Hanoi – Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery!

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