Specialties That Best Taste In Hanoi Autumn

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Hanoi becomes a dream destination as a comfortable atmosphere that autumn brings along with the changeover of the whole city in romantic yellow-red leaves coverage. It’s also claimed that Hanoi autumn will not be complete without these specialties that best tase this season.

Specialties That Best Taste In Hanoi Autumn

Still Hanoi, But More Romantic

Hanoi remains the same with the bustling of people flow daily. However, what you could see in the place during the autumn season is that the spectacular changeover among the streets & in the air. 

Changing tree color, the weather gets cooler, and you can feel the romantic atmosphere is in the air. 

Hanoi autumn

Though not being the most amazing autumn in the world, undeniably it brings out a chance to taste specialties of this time once a year – the Hanoi autumn specialties

Hanoi Autumn Specialties: Green Rice Flakes

Hanoi Autumn Green Rice Flakes

Long ago, “green rice flakes” has become representatives for Hanoi autumn specialty. The pliable texture, exquisite sweetness as foremilk, folded in lotus leaf or enjoy the food in many different dish styles: Vietnamese green rice flakes ham, sticky rice, cake, sweet soup, etc

Hanoi autumn green rice flakes vietnamese ham
The Vietnamese green-rice-flakes ham can be found in Bun Dau Mam Tom dish
Drink a cup of hot tea and enjoy the cake that is made from green rice flakes

Hanoi Autumn Specialties: Sandworm Omlette

The season of sandworm is quite short, from late September to early October (lunar calendar). The strong sweetness of sandworm combines with egg, tangerine peels, ginger leaf & lolot leaf that makes everyone crave for.

Hanoi sandworm omlette

A first look can get one shocked by the main ingredient of the dish: sandworm, but it’s actually one of the best & signature dishes of Vietnam, especially in Hanoi autumn that no one should miss.

Hanoi sandworm

Hanoi Autumn Specialties: Ripe Dracontomelum

If a gulp of sour young dracontomelum drink gives the freshness in summer, then in autumn, when the fruits are getting riped and soaked well in a combo of salt, sugar & chili can create a mouth-watering effect just by looking.

Hanoi Autumn Dracontomelum

Hanoi Autumn Specialties: Persimmon

Having a persimmon with green rice flakes for such an Hanoi autumn afternoon and feel a crunchy texture, along with a sugary taste 

Hanoi autumn persimmon

Hanoi Autumn Specialties: Mooncake

Autumn also the time of Moon Festival with many types from baked to sticky rice mooncake and various filling ingredients: red bean, lotus seed, green tea paste or usually consist of jam, dried sausage, mung bean paste, salt, sugar, cooking oil, sugared lard, lotus seed, watermelon seed, etc

Hanoi autumn mooncake

Hanoi Autumn Specialties: Dong Du Guava

In Hanoi autumn days, you’ll see lines of guava-mobile stalls along the streets that display the green, exquisite scent of Dong Du guava. It’s a famous fruit that grows on an enriched precious silt land. This kind of fruit is small,  fit-to-hand type but crunchy and sweet and best taste in autumn.

hanoi autumn dong du guava

Only once a year that Hanoi brings out a chance to have the specialties which best taste in autumn. Planning your trip and add these to your food list while in town.

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