Hanoi Vietnam Travel: Transportation From The Airport

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When arriving at Noi Bai International Airport, you may feel confused about means of transportation to get to Hanoi City center. Because there lots of options for you with different prices depending on your demands and your budget. This article will play a role as Hanoi Vietnam travel guide to show you top 4 best ways to transfer to Hanoi’s Old Quarter from the airport. Check it out! 

1. Hanoi Vietnam travel guide: Bus

It is obvious that transferring to Hanoi City center by bus is the most reasonable way recommended by Hanoi Vietnam travel guide. However, it is usually crowded, also takes you almost 40 minutes because it need to stop picking up local passengers during the route. 

If you have time and want to save your money, this mean of transportation is the best choice for you. When you finish checking out, you should walk to to the bus stop and wait for the bus no.17 or no.20.

For each route, you need to pay VND 9.000.

The other option for you if you want to transfer by bus but higher quality, you should wait for the bus no.86 which is operated for airport passengers only. 

For each route of this special bus, you need to pay VND 30.000. 

2. Hanoi Vietnam travel guide: Private Car

This mean of transportation is considered the most convenient way to get to Hanoi City center from Noi Bai International airport. There are companies and tour agencies that you can reserve a private car easily. 

Another way that you can book the private car is contacting with the hotel before you arriving to Hanoi. The staff will help you to book the car which pick you up at the airport and drive you to their hotel. 

The price depends on the kind of car chosen. It is usually from VND 300,000 to VND 550,000. 

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3. Hanoi Vietnam travel guide: Taxi

As private car rental, you can catch a taxi, it is also convenient with non-stop route. The taxis usually park outside the arrival terminal. Mai Linh Taxi is the brand that you can use their service without confusing. To get around Hanoi after arriving to Hanoi City center, you can also use taxi. 

To make sure that you will not get ripped off, you should ask the taxi operators standing around the lobby to have a suitable car for you. 

Remember to check out the taxi alarm before getting on it. 

Depending on your stop, the price may be from VND 350,000 to VND 400,000. 


4. Hanoi Vietnam travel guide: E-taxi

If you get used to with using transportation app, you should download Grab app or Goviet app before arriving to the airport. 

By using these app, you can save your time and know the price in advance. 

However, you should check driver’s information and the car number before getting on it. This mean of transportation is also used to getting around Hanoi

It is usually VND 250,000 per route. 

With these tips from Hanoi Vietnam travel guide above, we all hope you have a great trip to Hanoi. 

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