Get Chilled At Ba Ho Waterfall Nha Trang

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If the beach cannot satisfy your adventurous & chilling desire, an intense hike to Ba Ho waterfall is a chilling recreation which is a combination of refreshingly nature, quietness and exercise.

Get Chilled At Ba Ho Waterfall Nha Trang

Where in Nha Trang That Ba Ho Waterfall Can Be Found

Situated in Phu Huu – Ninh Ich – Ninh Hoa village, Khanh Hoa province and 25km away from Nha Trang. The waterfall comprised of three natural waterfalls that end with a clear lake surrounded by dense rainforest. 

Ba Ho waterfall location 1
Ba Ho waterfall location

The spot is also an ideal location for hiking, swimming, fishing, and picnic.

How To Get To Ba Ho Waterfall From Nha Trang

From city center follow the Pham Van Dong road to 1A Highway to Ninh Hoa province, pass by Long Phu Tourist Port around 10-15 minutes. On the way, the sign of Ba Ho Waterfall is easily spotted and head to the road, then make a left turn when you see the crossroads.

Ba Ho waterfall location 2

What Ba Ho Waterfall Has To Offer

1. Ba Ho Waterfall – Lake No.1

Located at the lowest level and is the easiest-access lake. In the rain season, the waterfall beautifully falls from above which creates a more intriguing than other lakes. 

If you are fond of Cliff jumping – a thrilling experience is dedicated for you to spend and feel a refreshing feeling when jumping from the high cliff to the cool water. This is one of the reasons that travelers love to visit Ba Ho Waterfall while in Nha Trang.

Ba Ho waterfall location lake no.1

2. Ba Ho Waterfall – Lake No.2

In the dry season, the water level is shallow and lake color is not as blue as in rain season. However, it is the time when the large rocks appeal clearly in the lush green forest. 

Ba Ho waterfall location lake no.2

2. Ba Ho Waterfall – Lake No.3

For reaching the third lake, you can either head back to the old path or follow the red arrow on the opposite of the stream. However, the way comes with obstacle and climbing to approach the area of lake no.3.

Ba Ho waterfall location lake no.3 direction
Ba Ho waterfall location lake no.3
Ba Ho waterfall location lake no.3 1

Some Notes When Travel To Ba Ho Waterfall

  • Should bring fast food, drinks, anti-allergy cream, sunscreen, etc
  • Eat at the food area of the tourist site as it’s not allowed to bring food or cook at the lake
  • No setting fire, cooking, littering
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Ba Ho waterfall 2
Credit: emsad_
Ba Ho waterfall 3
Credit: lubov_jazznow
Ba Ho waterfall 4
Credit: kristina.provorova

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