Dreamlike Train Station On The Way To Da Nang

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On the way from Hue to Da Nang, especially on a motorbike, it easier to experience an adventurous ride along with seeing much marvelous landscape. This dreamlike train station called Hai Van Bac is one of them, but it’s not as famous as places where most tourists know and have a chance to be here. Let’s discover this dreamlike destination. 

Dreamlike Train Station On The Way To Da Nang

Location of Hai Van Bac Train Station

Travelers know Hai Van Pass the most thanks to its incredible scenery of the deep blue ocean, side by side with a lush mountain with train runs by daily. 

The Hai Van Bac train station on the way from Hue to Da Nang also inherits the natural beauty, combines with a serene atmosphere around create a dreamlike destination that can be found in the comic book.

Da Nang Train Station from Hue

Hai Van Bac is a small train station located in Phu Loc ward, Thua Thien Hue, connects Lang Co and Hai Van station.

Hai Van Bac train station

The Tranquil Beauty Of Hai Van Bac Station

After reaching the bottom of Vòm Đồn Cả bridge, you can luckily see a train passes by.

Hai Van Bac train station 2
Hai Van Bac train station 1
Hai Van Bac train station 3

Stay for a little longer, you can expect to hear the rustling sound of leaves, the fresh air – carried by the wind.

How To Get To Hai Van Bac Station from Hue

In the middle of Hai Van Pass, you can google map the way to Vòm Đồn Cả bridge.

The road is not smooth and faces the slope (it is safer to ride the moped motorbike). When running till the end of the road and see the train track then make a right turn to Hai Van Bac station. You can ask local to park your vehicle and walk about 700m through 2 small plantations and 1 bridge. The ladder for getting down is on the right. 

Hai Van Bac train station 4
Hai Van Bac train station 5
Hai Van Bac train station 6

There will be a train goes by every 30 minutes. Be aware of the red traffic light means that no crossing over the track.

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