8 Must-Know Things Before Choosing Halong Bay Cruise

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As many complaints about cruises in one of the world wonders – Halong Bay, it will be less unexpected issues with 8 must-know things before choosing a suitable Halong Bay and plan for an idyllic vacation.

8 Must-Know Things Before Choosing Halong Bay Cruise

1. Staying Duration On Halong Bay Cruise

According to the guest’s demand, many cruises now offer a range of various staying duration option from 1-day to overnight trip on Halong Bay cruiseConsequently, the price range is upon the length of your stay as each will provide differently itinerary daily. 

Usually, for a 1-day trip on a cruise, it will take you through the common touristic spots such as Thien Cung Cave, Surprising Cave, excursion around the area of Kissing Cocks islet, Incense Burner Islet, Monster Head Islet, etc 

Halong Bay Cruise

Tips: For a type traveler that has a tendency of relaxation vacation, choosing an overnight trip from 2 to 3 nights is more suitable as the cruise plan a flexible schedule of the excursion, time to enjoy in each destination along the route, and enjoy the amenities at cruise the utmost.

Though the itinerary for the 1-day trip is quite tight on schedule and time of visiting the spots, some cruises are possible in offering their guests the additional kayaking or row a bamboo boat experience 

2. Choosing The Right Halong Bay Cruise

It is a worth-your-effort when researching for the best Halong Bay cruise because there are so many to choose from with different. Therefore, make a checklist of what is included in the package is with the proposed price:

  • Transportation from Hanoi or Halong port
  • Facilities: cabin size, type of bed (King-size or Queen-size)
  • Activities 
  • Food & Beverages (optional)
  • Number of maximum passengers it can hold as it affects your experience while staying on a long trip with other guests
  • Amenities: pool, sundeck, lounge, room service, butler, etc
Halong Bay emperor cruise cabin

Normally for an overnight cruise, the boat is bigger and have more amenities such as pool, sun deck, jacuzzi bath, etc on board to serve guests’ request while staying on Halong Bay cruise for a long time. 

Halong Bay cruise pool

3. Halong Bay Cruise Itinerary

For a 1-day Halong Bay cruise, there is not much time for guests to visit many sightseeing locations as each site needs a couple of hours to enjoy most of its beauty. 

Common 1-day itinerary:

  • Exploring Thien Cung / Surprising / Luon Cave 
  • Sightseeing the Halong Bay islets
  • Visit fishing village / Titop island / squid fishing
  • (Complimentary) ao dai rental fee for taking pictures/cooking lesson, lunch/kayaking
Halong Bay Cruise Titop Island

If you prefer experiencing more activities and visit many sightseeing sites, a 1 to 3-night Halong Bay cruise is recommended.

Common overnight itinerary:

  • Explore Thien Cung / Surprising / Bright / Thien Canh Son / Thay Cave
  • Visit Vung Vieng fishing village / Hon Co Island / Bai Tu Long Bay / Lan Ha Bay / Oyster pearl farming / Hon Xep Nature Park
  • Kayaking / cooking class / Vovinam class / Tai Chi class / Squid fishing / bamboo boat
  • Cruise amenities: Spa / Pool / Fitness
Halong Bay Cruise Lan Ha Bay

4. Halong Bay Cruise Touristic / Non-touristic Spots

Halong Bay is the most popular route among tourists and you will find the sightseeing spots are quite crowded by people and boat.

For overnight Halong Bay cruise, you’ll have more time to visit remote areas in Bai Tu Long Bay & Lan Ha Bay, which is less bustling and usually come with a higher price.

Especially the cruise to Cat Ba (apart from Halong Bay cruise route) is highly recommended for travelers that expect to have a trip out of touristic sites as it’s a deadly beauty combination of lush forest, sandy beaches, phenomenal cliffs, hills. Be very cautious in choosing a cruise to visit Cat Ba as it needs to be a large & specifically designed for riding through this special area.

Halong Bay Cruise Cat Ba island

5. WiFi is limited on Halong Bay Cruise

Taking a cruise through Halong Bay is considered to be an off-city to enjoy nature, peace & relaxation. Therefore you should expect that there’s no WiFi onboard. In turn, your experience is truly a getaway.

Halong Bay Cruise Thay Cave
Spend your precious to discover the beauty of nature with beloved

6. Prepare Budget For Your Halong Bay Cruise

While inland you can freely withdraw or exchange money to pay for extra fees, but while in the middle of the sea, it’s better to prepare your budget to cover all the surcharge, extra fees for renting a boat, etc. Or carefully check package inclusion to get prepared for what you have to pay. Also, it’s easier to book through a travel agency with listed privileges.

7. Best Time To Do A Halong Bay Cruise

Locals love to visit Halong Bay from April to October, and foreign travelers love to come in winter. 

Furthermore, March-May & April-October are the time when the weather is good to enjoy all the activities.

June to August may have storms & heavy rain. All Halong Bay cruises are forbidden to run during stormy days so better to check local advisor.

8. Where To Book A Halong Bay Cruise

You maybe got into a scam while looking for a Halong Bay cruise, especially with the introduction from hotels without researching any information before about the cruise, itinerary, price, inclusive package. Therefore, choosing a reliable tour agency with listed privileges, condition, and price, check reviews, ask around is the best way to choose a good experience. 

Halong Bay Cruise Travel Agency

Looking for an online travel agent to suggest awesome ideas for your trip, carefully manage your itinerary, even it is a Leisure, Honeymoon, Family Trip, Wedding, Wellness Retreat, Dive Trip, Conference or Corporate Incentives.

For more details, please email us at contact@fayfay.com or Live Chat on Facebook.

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