Photogenic Spots of Hanoi In Autumn

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The cool autumn weather, light sunshine, spreading on the landscape will certainly be an ideal time to save the most peaceful and romantic moments, especially the romance of Hanoi in autumn. Here are some photogenic spots of Hanoi In Autumn for you. 

Photogenic Spots of Hanoi In Autmn
Hanoi in autumn has yellow leaves, cool weather and light sunshine vibrating people's hearts

Hanoi in Autumn: Long Bien Bridge

Hanoi in autmn long bien bridge
The romantic sunset in Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi

Long Bien Bridge is not only the witness of history in the past but also the bridge connects between the noise of the city and the peacefulness of the countryside. 

hanoi in autumn long bien bridge
Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi with people taking photo on railways @Vi Diệp Thương

The bridge has a sad color, nostalgic, somewhat suitable for autumn weather and will be in the heart of Hanoi people.

hanoi in autumn long bien bridge
Long Bien Railway is one the most famous places with young people

If you are a fan of romantic style or modern style, Long Bien will conquer all of you. This place is one of the most famous photogenic spots of Hanoi in Autumn that you must visit when you travel to Vietnam.

Hanoi in Autumn: Meadows field

hanoi in autumn
The romantic meadows field in Hanoi @Anh Mai Nguyễn

Located right on the bank of the Hong River near Long Bien Bridge with large meadows where is a famous Hanoi destination for many young photographers and visitors in autumn.

hanoi in autumn
A little fairy in the picture @Anh Mai Nguyễn

According to experience visiting the meadow fields in Hanoi, you should ride a motorbike to avoid wasting time and energy due to the long walk.

hanoi in autumn
Daisies field in Hanoi @amii___________________

Here, you can visit more fields of daisies, sunflowers, yellow mustard flowers … very beautiful and poetic. It is an ideal location for those who are looking for wedding photography space or want to record precious moments.

Hanoi in Autumn: Hoan Kiem lake

Hoan Kiem lake is one the most charming places creating the beauty of Hanoi in autumn.

autumn in Hanoi
The leaves turning yellow makes the view is more gergous

The surface of the lake is clear and blue, waving in the gentle autumn breeze, swaying the trees and the leaves tilting to the surface, creating a romantic and dreamy view.

Hoan Kiem Lake Hanoi Autumn
Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi is more beautiful in the autumn sunset

Fall is the time that Hanoi is the most charming. Ignore the hustle of life, come to Hoan Kiem lake in this season, you can enjoy the peaceful and poetic scenery and easily capture wonderful photos.

Hanoi in Autumn: Yellow-leave streets in Hanoi

The roads named “the most beautiful in Hanoi” such as Kim Ma, Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Dieu, Nguyen Du and Tran Phu are famous for beautiful locations that must-capture in Hanoi in Autumn

Many tourists come here just to walk along the street and relieve their stress. The scenery of luxuriant old trees and yellow leaves makes people unable not to take pictures because they are too poetic and dreamy. 

hanoi autumn street
Hanoi local people usually come to these street to sell flowers

Going along these roads in Hanoi in autumn, you will have personal feelings about Hanoi. The image of the road flooded with yellow leaves is a unique beauty of the capital that you must capture to share with everybody in your Vietnam trip.

hanoi autumn street yellow leaf

You will have the best memorable pictures in these street with your friends and beloved family members saving the wonderful moments of Hanoi in autumn.

Hanoi in Autumn: Old Quarter

Coming to Hanoi, everyone must know “Hanoi 36 streets” or “Hanoi old town”, with roads that have preserved the memories of the capital. Ancient town is now an attractive tourist spot that visitors can not ignore when coming here.

If you are a fan of vintage style, this place is for you. You will love watching a city wake up, in this case with coffee & seats that are moved every time the train rolls through .

hanoi in autumn
Just a simple moment can make pictures like a master piece @thetravelbook

It can be said that all places in the old town also produces super-quality and super-virtual pictures. 

Hanoi autumn in Old Quarter

Sometimes just a door, a house or street corner are very impressive through camera.

Hanoi in Autumn: Yen stream

Yen stream is Vietnam’s most beautiful stream in autumn. The stream is long about 3 km flowing between mountains with Phoenix Mountain, Doi Cheo Mountain, Bung and Voi mountains that having interesting legends on the left and Ngu Nhac Moutain on the right. 

hanoi in autumn
The romance of photogenic spots attracts thousands of tourists in Hanoi

In the fall, this stream attracts thousands of photographers and visitors to save its dreamy and romantic beauty. More over Yen stream is the stream leading to Huong Pagoda that you should not missed when coming to Hanoi in autumn.

Hanoi in autumn
The lotus blossoms on the surface that look like a painting of Yen stream in Hanoi

The more special of the stream is the lotus. Visitors can sit on the boat and enjoy travel along landscape feeling the endless stream. The flavorful beauty of Yen stream in autumn can make tourists get away from hustle and bustle of the city and let themselves flow along the water.

hanoi in autumn
The color of lotus makes the picutes more coloful

Lotus is Vietnam’s national flower and a symbol of Vietnamese culture. This flower usually blossoms in the morning and retracts at sunset. The pink of the flowers combines with the green of trees, mountains and the blue of water creating the wonderful view to capture in Hanoi in autumn. Moreover, the peaceful atmosphere and the simple life of Hanoi local people adds the beauty of Yen stream.

If you have a chance to go to Hanoi, you should visit all these photogenic spots in order to save the best moments of Hanoi in autumn. Dress up your clothes and come to these places own a “thousand likes” photo.

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