A Splendid Changeover Of Hanoi In Autumn

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Have you ever wondered why Hanoi autumn keeps alluring travelers for coming this season? Will it be a peaceful moment by your beloved under the fresh, cooling atmosphere or a chance to observe the spectacular lake view.

A Splendid changeover of hanoi in autumn

It is not in autumn that Hanoi becomes the most beautiful, must-visit time of the year. What makes Hanoi in autumn special is the transformation of weather from hot, humid to cooling air, with a touch of golden color on the large trees among Hanoi streets to the smallest alley. 

Hanoi autumn morning

Get on the street in the morning and you can feel the comfortable light with fresh air that invites you to explore Hanoi as a hospitable host to guests.

Autumn is also the season of blackboard tree of which its standout scent capture people attention. Some may find it too intense but it’s undeniable that it has been one of the Hanoi autumn signatures. 

hanoi autumn blackboard tree

Sunset of Hanoi in autumn is considered as one of the most remarkable moments of a day. 

Hanoi autumn moment of a day

Local of Hanoi have been waiting for a whole year to this season as you can easily spot the flower-selling bicycles carry bunches of flower in the delicate purple color. The Aster Amellus flower that captivates both travelers who come to and people live in Hanoi so much that autumn will not complete without it. 

The changing in weather and appearance is not the only thing that represents for autumn in Hanoi but it also exists in the specialties Dracontomelon & green rice flakes.

hanoi autumn dracontomelon
hanoi autumn green rice flakes

You’re truly a lucky traveler when can witness such a marvelous changeover of Hanoi in autumn. And for those who plan to visit Hanoi from September, the advice from local is must not miss this destination in your itinerary.

hanoi autumn

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