Where To Capture The Romantic Sunset in Hanoi

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Being one of the biggest cities in Vietnam which captures travelers’ interest in any season. After an amazing excursion throughout the place & in the very end of the day, Hanoi allure people by the charming scenery of sunset in the best 2 destinations of this capital city.

Where To Capture The Romantic Sunset in Hanoi

Capture Hanoi Sunset in West Lake

Sunset is always the most expected moment of the day, it is when the gentle sun rays and cooling atmosphere at late afternoon brings a pleasant feeling for anyone who’s willing to wait hours to captivate only a short time when the last sun drops at the skyline. 

hanoi sunset

Being the largest lake inside the city, the sparkling beauty of the sun reflects on the lake’s surface amazed anyone who has a chance to witness such a view on the Hanoi West Lake

hanoi sunset on west lake

Dramatic Sunset At Long Bien Bridge

If watching the sunset on West Lake evokes the tranquil moment at the immense lake, the dramatic light of orangy-red sunset over Long Bien Bridge entices a unique contrast scene of nostalgic ancient bridge & the hustling people stream over the bridge when the day nearly ends in Hanoi.

hanoi sunset at long bien bridge
Credit: linh_kangg

Long Bien Bridge‘s also the favorite place of local for having a great time with friends, strolling along the bridge and taking photos, especially the photographers that are inspired by the Hanoi bridge’s ancient look.

On The Minsk, Chasing The Hanoi Sunset

Traveling around Hanoi by a motorbike brings a more authentic experience, a chance to see the area from a new perspective, and end the day with a charming view of the sunset or sunrise.

The authentic experience lies in the route lead by a local guide on the Ha Noi Romantic Sunrise/ Sunset Trip. This is a fun way to experience the sights, smells, and tastes of Hanoi, not just the run-of-the-mill tourist sites. From the maze of zigzagging backstreets, through hectic traffic and old French boulevards, to the side roads along the Red River, then admire the sunset and sunrise on Long Bien Bridge with the spectacular surrounding.

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Viet Nam is a hidden gem with lots of surprises to investigate each day from North to South, from Delta, highland to beach shores. From the love of Vietnam, also a local, hope my posts can excite and bring you the experience in Vietnam like never before.


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