Decode The Vietnamese Blockbuster “Furie” On Netflix

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After its successful premiere in the US, Netflix bought the copyright and be screened widely as a Vietnamese action movie, with starring of Ngo Thanh Van – who collaborated with Kong movie’s director. So who is Ngo Thanh Van and what movies she played in? Let’s discover!

Decode The Vietnamese Blockbuster Furie on Netflix

Ngo Thanh Van (Veronica Ngo) Biography

Ngo Thanh Van (also known as Veronica Ngo), settled in Norway with her family when 16 years olf, she then returned to Vietnam and earn the Runner Up title in the Miss Vietnam contest in 2000. Her career begins to develop as a dancer, singer, actress, and model. 

During the 2000 – 2005, Veronica released many music albums that brought her the success that everyone dreamt of before she took part in the acting role more often.

Furie Veronica Ngo Action Movies

Before Furie, she played in many action movies which get huge support and love from the audience such as Dong Mau Anh Hung (The Rebel) with Johny Tri Nguyen (ex-cascadeur of Spider 1 & 2), Bay Rong (Clash), Lua Phat (Once Upon A Time in Vietnam)

Filming Destination of Furie on Netflix

It is the Furie that brings the remarkable hit to Veronica – which tells the story of a  former gang leader in the Mekong Delta whose daughter is kidnapped. The fighting fit mother embarks on a journey back to Saigon city rescue her daughter.

Furie on Netflix

She and her daughter lived in a small village Mekong Delta, one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam, they chose this place as it could bring a rustic life that they chose to stay away from the bustling atmosphere in the city. The image of sampan boat, bamboo forest, local market, floating house, old brick kiln, the small board by the river where people wash clothes are continuously screened, depicts an authentic Vietnamese countryside life.

Saigon is known as the center of South Vietnam, also this is the place where has a huge number of alleys, where Furie create many fighting scenes in.

Filming Destination of Furie on Netflix​ saigon
It's easily to find many alleys among Saigon streets

With a clue on destinations that scenes are filmed, you can now visit and observe the Vietnam life, compare to Furie’s point of view. Whenever you need our help on finding the location, contact us to get your queries solved.

Netflix Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City
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