Sapa Tourist Attractions – Northwest Hidden Beauty

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If you are pondering where to visit in Sa pa, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will place you on a journey to the most outstanding spots in Sapa. Wondering about Sapa tourist attractions? We’ve got your back!

There are many amazing Sapa tourist attractions that you must visit in your Vietnam trip

1. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Cat Cat Village

About 4km away from the center of Sa Pa town, towards Fansipan Summit, visitors will reach Cat Cat Village where the H’mong (an ethnic minority) comprise the majority of the population.

Location: San Sa Ho, Sapa, Lao Cai Province

How to get there: We highly recommend that tourists hire a motorbike to be able to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Northwest mountains and rivers. Despite being a bit far away, visiting this village is an excellent choice when it comes to Sapa tourist attractions.

Highlights: Trekking, sightseeing, culture tours, socializing with ethnic communities.

Cat Cat village is a quaint and local destination that remains the authentic beauty of Sapa

2. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Rock Church

At The Sapa Old Church, there will be many opportunities to do some poses with French architecture in the background. The Sapa Square is only a few miles from the church, so you should check that out as well.

Location: Near Ham Rong Mountain.

How to get there: you can either choose to travel on your own by renting a motorcycle or book a taxi.

Highlights: French architecture, Roman Gothic architecture.

3. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Fansipan Peak

Known as the roof of Indochina, Fansipan is a hotspot among Sapa tourist attractions that tourists – especially adventurous travelers won’t want to skip!

Location: about 9km away from the town center to the Southwest

How to get there: if you are an experienced climber, get right on the way to conquer the peak! But if not? no worries, there are cable cars available for a safe ride to the top. 

Highlights: Spectacular beauty of mountains, city view, trekking, cool weather.

You can capture many wonderful pictures in on of these Sapa tourist attractions

4. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Ta Phin Village

In every season in Ta Phin, flowers bloom all along the path you go, attracting the attention of newcomers. Not only are travelers coming to Ta Phin impressed by the tranquil and fairy-like atmosphere but they are also astonished by the colorful terraces – rarely found at other Sapa tourist attractions.

Location: 17 km in the west of Sa Pa

How to get there: people usually travel here by taxi but we would recommend hiring a motorcycle

Highlights: Trekking, sightseeing, culture tours, socializing with ethnic communities.

Ta Phin Village is a nice place to visit in Sapa

5. Sapa Tourist Attractions: O Quy Ho Pass

How to get there: it can be very expensive to travel by taxi. Plus, how can you enjoy the view to the fullest through the square window of the taxi? So we Go rent or hire a motorbike and travel on your own!

Highlights: O Quy Ho is one of the most attractive destinations in northwestern Vietnam. Blessed by nature, its beauty offers tourists a majestic landscape.

Sapa local people called this place “Heaven Gate”

6. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Ta Van Village

On a 4D route to the Southeast, 8 km away from Sa Pa town center, Ta Van Village welcomes tourists with a tranquil atmosphere and amiable environment. Tourists will have the chance to learn about the traditions, customs and lifestyle of the Giay (Sa Pa’s ethnic community) – an experience unique to those visiting Sapa tourist attractions only.

How to get there: renting a motorcycle is the most economical way to travel.

Highlights: majestic scenery, ethnic minority, culture tours.

7. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Rose Valley

The redness is so overwhelming that it seems only possible to meet in a dream with a garden variety of bouquet of roses.

Location: Located in Hamlet 1, Muong Hoa Road, Sapa Town.

Highlights: eco-tourism, a variety of colorful flowers, romantic scenery.

The romantic rose valley in Sapa

8. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Sin Chai Village

Different from other places, this village is not yet “touched” by the tourism industry. Its neglected beauty is the first and foremost thing that impresses visitors so deeply, even compared to other Sapa tourist attractions.

Location: San Sa Ho Commune, Sa Pa

Highlights: H’mong lifestyle, majestic beauty of nature, chilly weather

You will have chance to know more about Sapa local people when coming here

9. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Ham Rong Mountain

Location: Duong Len, Sa Pa

How to get there: Again, if you don’t want to limit your view behind a taxi window. Rent or hire a motorbike!

Highlights: Ham Rong is home to numerous kinds of flowers and orchard gardens. You can also conquer San May (Cloud Yard), the peak of Ham Rong Mountain at the altitude of 1800m to enjoy the imposing panorama of Sapa town.

Ham Rong mountain is one of the musts for tourists when visiting Sapa

 10. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Coc San Cave

Location: Coc San Commune, Bat Xat District, 7 km from Lao Cai city center

How to get there: If the trek is too long for you, feel free to call a taxi

Highlights: Coc San’s climate is cool and comfortable. So, it is a great destination for young people who want to escape from the bustling city. Coc San has rocky terraces with lots of small rocks. Outside of Coc San cave lies a pristine, blue waterfall. Besides taking photos, tourists can absolutely explore the scenery of the caves and bathe themselves in cool water.

If you have a chance to go to Sapa, you should try all six things to do in Sapa above mentioned in order to understand more about Sapa in particular and Vietnam in general in your Vietnam trip.

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