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Located in the stupendous Hoang Lien Son Mountains of northwestern Vietnam, Sapa welcomes a massive influx of tourists annually from all around the world. However, not every tourist knows how to make the most of their trip. No worries! Based on our long-held experience, we are more than eager to share you several useful tips to explore Sapa tourist attractions. 

1. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Fansipan Mountain

Known as the Roof of Indochina, Fansipan is an unskippable destination for adventurous travelers and experienced trekkers. Mount Fansipan is a rare adventure in Vietnam. Sapa is also a natural wonder and if you have time, you should definitely consider making the trek. You won’t regret it! Take an easy-going spirit, quick feet, and some water and be on our way! But if you are not ready for a breakthrough, or you simply want to save energy to explore other Sapa tourist attractions, cable cars are also available to conquer this magnificent peak. 

Challenge yourself by climbing this amazing sapa tourist attractions.

2. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Muong Hoa Valley

Looking for farmland for rice with breathtaking scenery in Sapa? Muong Hoa Valley is definitely your place! Not only does the beauty stem from the natural astonishing view but also from the ethnic costumes worn by the local people there. Trekking is also a popular activity in this stunning valley. We would highly recommend you to book a tour as a guide knows the best at which spot to capture the beautiful scenery.

3. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Silver Waterfall

Silver Waterfall – Thac Bac lies beside National Highway No 4D, about 12km from Sapa Town’s center. We bet this picturesque waterfall will offer you a second-to-none sight-seeing experience! Two most well-liked activities here are trekking and motorbike discovering. You would probably have to hire motorbikes from the hotel you stay or opt for going trekking independently with your own equipment. There are also several tour packages providing customers with all necessary materials to support their trekking. If you want a highlight among Sapa tourist attractions, let’s give this waterfall a go!

Amaze yourself with a trip to the Silver Waterfall of Sapa

4. Sapa Tourist Attractions: O Quy Ho Pass

The legendary O Quy Ho Pass is the longest mountain pass of Vietnam. Tourists are often overwhelmingly impressed by the clouds, valley and forest views. Mass of white clouds weaving through each slot leaves, obscuring the mountains forming one space magical which makes one intoxicating. This Sapa tourist attraction is also a legend behind the origin of this mountain pass. Come here and hear directly from the local!

O Quy Ho Pass is another scenic place for you to drop by in Sapa

5. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Love Market Sapa

Among all the Sapa tourist attraction, this one is probably the most peculiar. Please note that this market only takes place on weekly Saturday evening. Love Market in Sapa used to be a place for ethnic people to go find a partner to get married. Thus, Love market was born with a view to opening a space for people to date and expression their romantic affection. Tourists are coming nowadays to enjoy the truly unique atmosphere joined by H’Mong Khen dancing, blowing leaves, lip trumpets or flute and love songs.  

If you want to mingle with the Sapa local people, let's have fun at the Love Market

6. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Notre Dame Cathedral

If you think that only Paris has the Notre Dame Cathedral, you are absolutely wrong! Sapa has one too! This symbol of Christianity in Sapa was built by the French in 1895 featuring a bell tower and Roman Gothic architecture. The church is one of the highlights which colors the vibrant beauty of this misty Sapa tourist attraction. Paying Notre Dame Cathedral a visit and you won’t want to go home!

Notre Dame Cathedral is a religious site if you wish to see how the local practices their beliefs in Sapa

7. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Cat Cat Village

Nestled in a beautiful valley about three kilometers from Sapa Town, Cat Cat Village attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world every year. This stunning village is where you can study the real daily life of the local tribes: delicacies, daily habits, etc. You can absolutely discover this village on your own without booking a tour. Buy some souvenir items to mark your visit or bring home as gifts for your jealous friends!   

Get a peak into the local life with a visit to Cat Cat village - Sapa.

8. Sapa Tourist Attractions: Ham Rong Flower Garden

Another popular choice when it comes to Sapa tourist attractions is Ham Rong Flower Garden is home to a diversity of flowers and orchard gardens. Wandering around stone paths lead pedestrians to numerous beds of colorful blooming flowers. This is definitely a perfect place for you to capture some poses and show off on social media. It’s time to change your profile picture, isn’t it?

9. Sapa Tourist Attractions: The Cave of Fairies

Legend has it that the Cave of Fairies is related to the myth about three fairies asking their father, the king of Heaven, to let them go down to the earth for one day. If you happen to want beauty, resilience and wealth to come to you when visiting Sapa tourist attractions, do not forget to ask the fairies to give you all of those when visiting the Cave of Fairies, your wishes will come true. The Cave of Faires was bestowed with second-to-none sculpture by Mother Earth: the water turned the stones inside the cave into a collection of beautiful and creative artworks: an elephant drinking water, a flying eagle, etc. Tourists must be dazzled by this spectacular beauty!

If you have a chance to go to Sapa, you should try all nine Sapa tourist attractions in order to understand more about Sapa in your Vietnam trip.

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