Phu Quoc Food: Local Fish Market for Fresh Seafood

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When traveling to Phu Quoc island, one cannot miss the opportunity of going to the fishing market & Phu Quoc fresh seafood. Among four well known local markets including Duong Dong, An Thoi, Ganh Dau, Ham Ninh, Duong Dong market is the most popular among those who visit the Pearl Island in the south of Vietnam. According to many photographers, it is best to visit Duong Dong market in the early morning, especially between 6.00 and 9.00am to catch an astounding view of the local life-slice in Phu Quoc island.

Phu Quoc Food: Duong Dong Market

Set along Tran Phu Street, Duong Dong Market is not far from Duong Dong Port and behind the Phu Quoc Night Market. This is the perfect place for you to see freshly-caught Phu Quoc seafood from fishing boats such as eel, squid, mackerel, crab, and shellfish to be sold by vendors. All are still fresh and you can choose what you like to taste at a reasonable price. If you are a fan of seafood, you cannot leave this island without visiting the seafood shopping center and savoring the freshest seafood, which is far different from the frozen seafood on the mainland. 

Walking into the market, tourists can see two booths selling “fresh products” turning their back into the sea to facilitate the freight of goods and seafood. Seafood is moved up to market from the bustling fishing boats at the dock. It is the world of fish with all kinds from the tiny to the “giant” fishes. One local dish everyone ever comes here should try is Phu Quoc grilled fish. It is a unique specialty with raw materials from mackerel and barracuda and fried on the spot. In the boiling oil pans, grilled fish pieces about 2 inches in diameter gradually become cooked in eye-catching shapes and colors.

Apart from fresh Phu Quoc seafood, dried seafood is also exquisite and something everyone might try during their visiting the Duong Dong market. The dried foods here include various with dried fish, dried squids and dried shrimps, which many tourists choose to buy as gifts for their loved ones at home before leaving for the mainland. 

In addition to all kinds of grocery foods, there are many food stalls available for the tourists to try the tastes of ingenuous cuisine that contains fried noodles, a noodle soup. This is absolutely a memorable experience for anyone who has visited this attraction.

 Also, tourists can find almost anything needed for the daily life of the residents here such as utensils, vegetables, clothes, etc. Therefore, Duong Dong market promises to be the most realistic place for tourists to delve into the ordinary life of residents on Phu Quoc island.

Here are some tips that tourists need to take into consideration before heading for the Duong Dong Market & look for the fresh Phu Quoc seafood:

  • Opt for the most convenient way to go to Duong Dong market. For many people, motorcycles and bikes are on the top choices.
  • The market can be crowded with the local vehicles running along the path, so you should be careful with the vehicles here
  • This is a local market, not a tourist spot. Therefore, you had better not go in large groups since it will be easier for you and the vendors if there are just two or three people visiting and bargaining at the stalls.

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