Things To Do In Da Lat Night Market

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Developing from a small old market to a larger, more crowded area with a diversity of goods, the night market is one of the things to do in Da Lat plays a pivotal role in perfecting the beauty of Da Lat’s cultural features. 

1. Things to do in Da Lat: mouth-watering street food adventure

The Night Market offers endless food stalls at affordable prices. If you are looking for the things to do in Da Lat, don’t hesitate to make the most of its cuisine on this street of food vendors. The unique Vietnamese taste of the street foods wins the heart of even the pickiest tourists. In the middle of such heaven of food options, don’t know what to eat? 

No worries! Here is our list of must-try local delicacies (please be aware that this is not put in any particular order of preference).

Vietnamese pizza – Banh trang nuong

This Vietnamese street snack is so popular that when you google “Vietnamese p..”, the top recommendation is Vietnamese pizza in Da Lat. Banh trang nuong is a delicious grilled rice paper with various toppings (sausage, egg, ground pork, spring onions, dried shrimp crisps)

 BBQ sweet corns and sweet potatoes

The unforgettable savory but sweet taste of corns and potatoes will make you want to come back to Da Lat again and again. In extremely chilly cool evenings in Da Lat, it is a great choice to warm up with BBQ grilled corns or sweet potatoes.

Fresh soy milk

In Da Lat, you can never go wrong with a glass of iced or hot soy milk! The prices may range from VND 10.000 to 15.000.

Unique to the Da Lat Night Market is the lively atmosphere that comes from the textile selling booths. This name derives from the fact that the vendors literally “shout” all over the area to attract the attention of buyers who are wandering around. 

2. Things to do in Da Lat - “Shouting market”

This “shouting market” is located on the upper floor the market, near the bridge, where sweaters and jackets of various sizes, styles, and colors are the main products. Canvas are spread all over the streets to display clothing products such as hand-knit jumpers, woolen hats, woolen scarves and many more. You can whether choose to buy new clothes but also available second-hand clothing.  It may take time to choose an ideal jacket or sweater which meets your demand.

Shopping in the local market with an affordable price (from US$2 – 3 for each) worths your effort in the long list of things to do in Da Lat.

Despite the fact that the prices here are regarded as relatively cheap, shoppers should not forget to bargain to get even cheaper price!

3. Things to do in Da Lat: A mysteriously romantic walkway for pedestrians

During the time of walking around town, all types of vehicles are forbidden between 7PM and 10PM to create a safe and ideal place for pedestrians. Neon lights from the chain of shops in the street sides contribute to the cozy, loving atmosphere of the market. Don’t forget to shoot some photos and strike some poses to capture your memories and so that you can share with your friends at home of things to do in Da Lat.

Another interesting activity in this night market that impresses most tourists is watching the street artist performing hip-hop dancing, roller skating and jainzi (shuttlecock kicking that’s like badminton with your feet) in the market’s open space. If you are lucky enough to visit Da Lat Night Market in several special occasions like Christmas, the Festival of Flowers, Lunar New Year, and New Year, you could enjoy free outdoor public art programs along with the contribution of local artists and singer!

On top of that, when wandering around this romantic street, you should probably pause for a second to take a look at eye-catching lovely handicrafts and souvenir items, such as key chains, Da Lat T-shirt, and dolls sold on the pavements. These products may cost you a few pennies but they hold an unforgettable memory of amazing Da Lat city!

All combined, there is no exaggeration to say that Da Lat Night Market is the ideal place to go for a walk in the list of things to do in Da Lat with your loved one! 

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