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Hoi An (호이안) town preserves its heritage well. Therefore, for getting around Hoi An (호이안), there is a limitation of vehicles inside the ancient town, also to have a day trip from Hoi An (호이안), what kind of convenient transportation can you take to enjoy that suit your budget and schedule. 

1.Biking around Hoi An (호이안)

Explore the elegant town easily and peacefully by bicycle

Biking is a must-try experience when you are around Hoi An (호이안) and especially in the ancient town & is the only vehicle that is allowed to go around the town apart from walking.

Average rental price:  VND 30.000/1 day ( US$1- 2). Pretty cheap for the awesome trip by bikes.

It is not challenging to rent a bike which you can either get to your hotel or any rental shops around Hoi An (호이안) ancient town. There are many fascinating cycling tours to the rural countryside, Bamboo Bridge,  green paddy-fields, or to a fishing village.

In another way, you can choose the Biking Experience to have a day trip from Hoi An (호이안), through rural villages with many other rustic activities to enjoy along with guide and provided bicycle.

2. Cyclo around Hoi An (호이안)

An eco-friendly taxi

This will give you a break from walking and a chance to leisurely see the sights you pass. The cyclo driver can either take you to all the best-visited spots in Hoi An (호이안) and wear the traditional Aodai, enjoy a cyclo trip around Hoi An (호이안).

3. Motorcycle around Hoi An (호이안)

In case you intend to explore many attractions not just around Hoi An(호이안) but kilometers away from Hoi An(호이안) such as villages, the beautiful coastline, or even the fabulous Da Nang, gentle Lang Co, or Hue,  a motorcycle is a great choice. Most hotels and hostels in Hoi An(호이안) provide this service. Most providers will ask to require that they keep your passport as collateral until you bring back their vehicles.

  • Average rental price: VND 100,000 – 150,000 / a day including helmets for 2 pax.

  • Tip: Don’t forget to check if the motorbike in good condition or not before departure. We also recommend that you check the traffic rules in Vietnam carefully and keep in mind riding on the right-hand side of the road and control your speed among neighborhood streets and the highway.
Travel like a local when heading outside of Hoi An (호이안)

4.Taxi around Hoi An (호이안)

Shuttle bus between Hoi An (호이안) & Da Nang Airport

Recommended taxi brands are Faifoo and Mai Linh, but taxis are only suitable for long distances away from Hoi An (호이안) or on the way to the airport.

5. Private car

Booking a car service is possible when venturing to another sightseeing location. Private vehicles are perfect for a group and those looking for privacy totally to travel around Hoi An (호이안) from Da Nang. offers many kinds of private cars depending on where you want to go, and the number of members in your group, usually 4-seater & 7-seater vehicles for 4 to 8 hours.

Depending on what you want on your holiday, each transportation will meet yours. You can check out our handy guide or ask your friends recommendations for various options for going around Hoi An(호이안). We hope your Hoi An(호이안) trip will be full of happy memories.

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