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A travel in Da Nang, your holiday is not limited to just soaking up in the sun at popular beaches like My Khe but it can extend to visiting the cooler temperatures of Ba Na Hills, spectacular Son Tra Peninsula, Ban Co Peak. Therefore, a transportation guide is a necessary thing to know before you come.

1. Travel in Da Nang by motorbike

A travel in Da Nang by motorbike is one of the best options for you and the renting process is pretty simple. You can either check with the hotel or homestay you are staying at or go find one by yourself. Rental shops are everywhere in the city, especially around An Thuong.

The average price is US$6 for one day. Keep in mind that the rental place will either ask for a deposit or your passport. They will keep the passport until you return the motorbike.

Travel like a local on a motorbike

Going around by motorbike is exciting and popular as it brings you the flexibility to explore many places in the city. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a valid license or are not familiar with riding a motorbike, especially riding in a whole new place with different traffic rules like Vietnam; this option may not be best for you.

Fortunately, there are many motorbike experience with Aodai rider that can suit your demand on sitting on its back, freely enjoy Da Nang.

2. Travel in Da Nang by bus

With the average fare of US$0.23 for a one-way ticket within the city center and $1 for a full trip, a bus is a way to travel.

The reliable bus operator is Danang Urban Bus (DanaBus). Their first trip starts at 5.30 AM and ends at 4:00 PM.

Compare to other transportations, travel in Da Nang by bus will consume more of your time and energy in spite of being the cheapest option. Moreover, it can be inconvenient when you have to wait and take many small trips in order to get to places you want to visit.

3. Travel in Da Nang by taxi

Choose your destination and go with taxi

Taxi is also a great choice as it easily hails from most of the places within Da Nang city center. Three well-known taxi brands are Mai Linh, Vinasun and Tien Sa.

All cabs are equipped with meters to display the distance and fare; however, the price will be different based on the companies. The average starting price is US$0.55and about US$0.65 for every subsequent kilometer.

Going by taxi to travel in Da Nang will be more comfortable and you won’t have to worry because they are trustworthy. Still, when it comes to money, taxis can be a bit pricy. Furthermore, not all drivers can communicate in English so sometimes it can be hard to explain where you want to go. If you choose to use a taxi, plan ahead by asking someone to translate or having your destination in Vietnamese to show them and might be hard to call the taxi again to pick you up at the tourist destination such as Son Tra Peninsula,…

4. Travel in Da Nang by Car Charter

We highly recommend that you choose to rent a private car by hours despite the relatively higher price, compare to the taxi option. This will allow for the most comfort, flexibility, and convenience in your travel. Thus, the driver will wait while you’re visiting the site. 

It can take you to specific places of interest or even somewhere out of Da Nang at any time you want. All you have to do discuss with the car service provider about the time and place of your pick-up and your preferred destinations to decrease hassle. If you are planning to travel in Da Nang with your family or with a group, this option will be the best of the best!

Drivers of private cars are all able to communicate in English so the language barrier won’t be a problem. A HUGE benefit!!

Contact your accommodation or any car rental service to arrange a private car. It is difficult to point out an average price since the range is quite wide and competitive because of many operators with various service packages, car types, and promotions.

To make your planning more convenient we can help you plan your car service here.

With all the useful information above, you should be ready to hit the road! Come visit and travel in Da Nang in style so that you can build unforgettable memories and have an impeccable experience.

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