Getting to Nha Trang – Must-know tips

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Known for its magnificent beaches and beautiful offshore islands, Nha Trang is the popular coastal city in southern Vietnam, also its visitors a wide selection of sightseeing and unique activities. Therefore, transportation is an essential thing you need to be well prepared before getting to Nha Trang to have a smooth journey.

1. Getting to Nha Trang - explore city by motorbike

A popular option for you is renting and traveling by motorbike in Nha Trang. Often your hotel or homestay will provide this service, or they will connect you with a service provider. However, you can easily find rental places anywhere in the city by yourself.

The average price is around US$7 for one day. Most shops require an advance payment as well as a drivers license and a passport.

Find one of the many rental shops around Nha Trang

Along with the exciting feeling that motorbike brings to you, you will be able to explore many places easily. However, if you are not comfortable riding motorbikes, this may not be a good choice for you, especially when riding in a brand new city.

Or you can book a Vespa tour to enjoy some of the touristic sites.

2. Getting to Nha Trang - explore city with taxi

Next, getting to Nha Trang and exlporing this city become convenient with taxi. 

Taxis are also a great choice as you can catch one from most places in Nha Trang. There are around 14 taxi brands here but the 2 best-known ones are Mai Linh and Vinasun.

Meters, which display the distance and fare, can always be found cabs; however, as there are many providers, the price can range among them. The average starting price is US$0.35 and usually about US$0.65 for every subsequent kilometer.

With air-conditioning and comfortable seats, taxis will definitely bring you a relaxing ride. Keep in mind that they can be a little pricey and not all drivers can communicate well in English so be prepared with a written name or patience in explaining where you want to go.

3. Getting to Nha Trang - explore city with bus

Check out the most commonly used public transport means

Another low-cost option (with air-conditioning) are local buses. With the price at about US$0.30 per ride and offering 6 travel routes starting at 5 AM and ending at 6 or 7 PM, buses can take you to all parts of the city.

Though the price is reasonable, Nha Trang’s bus can be confusing to some and is not the quickest way to travel.

If you would like to take the bus look for a map at a local bus station. Still, you need more help, contact us via Facebook for recommendations and advise. 

Before getting to Nha Trang and explore this beautiful city, you should have a plan for get ideas of your most suitable means of transportation. Hope these tips above be useful enough for you to have a comfortable journey. 

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