Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide: Transportation

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Different from harmonious Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, lovingly called Saigon, used to be well -known as the gem of Southeast Asia, nowadays its widespread beauty is dynamic & sparkles. Come to the bustling city with our Ho Chi Minh travel guide o see the teeming center full of skyscrapers, shopping mall, bars, restaurants alongside the peaceful, antique cultural valley.

1. Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide: Motorbike

If this is the first time you have visited Ho Chi Minh City, it can be easy to become dizzied by the dense traffic. However, you will soon get used to it and as soon as you hop on the back of a motorbike you will be thrilled to have the chance to scout out the city for yourself.

Easy-to-rent motorbikes from your hotels, hostels or typing your request on Facebook groups for abroad travelers, the rental service will reply with details for you almost instantly.

Travel like a local by renting a bike

Motorbikes are the primary vehicle in Vietnam. Therefore you need to have a valid drivers license. It is also important to note that you must ride within the speed limit of 40 km/h in the neighborhood and center. It’s not time-wasting to observe traffic patterns before venturing forth.  Carefully ask your hotel’s reception further details about traffic rules in Saigon before starting your exploration.

Rental price is around US$10 to US$15 per day for a 100cc motorbike and one or two helmets. Many companies will insist upon your passport may be kept as collateral. Don’t forget to check that the bike is in good working order.

2. Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide: Motorbike taxi

For convenience and safety, motorbike taxi (locals call them xe om) is one of the best ways to travel. It’s not difficult to catch a “xe om” around your hotel with an acceptable price of US$ 0.5 – 3 for a short ride, or you can charter one for around US$10/10 per hour/day.

Make sure to confirm the rate with your driver in advance

Luckily, some riders speak English pretty well and know how to get you to most spots the fastest ways through the unique valley culture only found in Saigon.  

In our Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide, the other popular option is the Grab bike. It may be more economical than tradition motorbike taxi but can be more convenient. You will get the exact fare before booking a Grab via the handy Grab app. Alternatively, you can check out similar apps to call high-tech “Xe om” such as GoViet, Mai Linh Taxi, and VATO, you can download app on Appstore or Android Store to use.

3. Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide: Bus

One of the ways to explore the city is through windows, buses are cheap and have various routes. Ho Chi Minh City Bus Service serves more than 130 routes around the city. Come to the Ben Thanh Bus station to get free Ho Chi Minh Bus Route Diagram or check it out on their website

The ticket is just VND 7.000/ way /person, the lowest-priced transportation in Saigon. You do not need to book in advance, as you can get on the bus and buy a ticket directly in payment. However, please remember one of our most important Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide is that it’s quite crowded in rush hour and be alert for pickpockets.

See the city through the windows as you travel to your destination

4. Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide: Taxi

There are lots of metered taxis on the streets; the most reliable two taxi brands are Mai Linh and Vinasun. The fare is approximate VND 12.000/ the first kilometer and VND 6.000 per kilometers. You can have your hotel call a cab, or should you are on the way and need a cab, remember booking hotline Mai Linh – 028 3838 3838 and Vinasun – (08)

Grab app should also be in this category, just download the app and find a ride to your destination.

5. Private car around Ho Chi Minh city

This may be the best way in our Ho Chi Minh travel guide for your group when traveling around Saigon, a friendly driver will take you to exciting attractions in one day based on your itinerary at a suitable cost. This will allow you a carefree day as you won’t waste time or have to worry about making it to the right location.

Advantageously, the driver will pick-up and drop-off you at a hotel or anywhere you select. FayFay.com can help you book an incredible service here.

We hope that this Ho Chi Minh travel guide: Transportation is useful for you and wish you have an authentically exciting experience Ho Chi Minh city trip!!

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Kimi Saigon Kiss · 2019-08-09 at 3:24 pm

Great article! I want to add a water bus to this list. This is a new transport in Ho Chi Minh city launch recently. It is a great way to explore Saigon with a new perspective from the river!


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