With 2 Days And $20, Where To Eat In Hue?

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Hue is the former capital of Vietnam, which attracts foreign visitors thanks to its charming architecture and historical sites. But Hue’s beauty does not end there. If you happen to travel to this beautiful land, check out one of our Vietnam tour packages and do not miss out on its specialities.  Indeed, Hue has a lot to offer when it comes to food. If you have two days and $20 at your disposal, what will you do? Scroll down to find out more about top Hue cuisines that will taste heavenly to your tongue and where to eat them in Hue! 

Day 1:

1. Where To Eat In Hue: Bun Bo Hue

Are you wondering where to eat in Hue for breakfast on a typical misty morning in Hue? You may want to try out a special local cuisine called Bun bo Hue – something so famous to the point it is named after the city itself.

So what are the charms of Bun bo Hue? Bun bo Hue is essentially rice noodles cooked with meat broth. It is served with slices of rare or medium beef depending on your preference. A true bowl of Bun bo Hue will come with “blood pudding”, Vietnamese fish sausage and bean sprouts. Don’t get put off by this seemingly meat feast! To lessen the cloying feeling, you will be advised to pour some lemon water into the broth and mix Bun bo Hue with a lot of vegetables. Believe us, your Vietnam tour will be incomplete if you miss out on this internationally known cuisine!

Where to eat?

  • Bun Cam: 45 Le Loi, Hue.

  • Bun bo Chi Ty: Alley 33, Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue.

  • Bun bo Hue Ba Xuan: 17 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hue.

Bun bo Hue is more or less a feast of meat

2. Where To Eat In Hue: Bun hen

Are you a huge fan of seafood? Do you want to know how Vietnamese people create one of the most loved dishes using a tiny species of seafood? Let’s try out Bun hen – a recipe native to Hue.

Bun hen – a special Hue cuisine, is a wonderful mixture between rice vermicelli and boiled mussels. But not the huge mussels that you usually eat! Bun hen only takes baby mussels that are as small as half of your fingernails. Once cooked, mussels and other toppings such as fried pork fat, peanuts, sliced bananas’ flowers and bean sprouts are added to a bowl full of rice noodles. The chef will pour a spoon full of sauce onto everything, and the dish is done!

Now all you have to do is stir the bowl and then devour everything. It is so tasty and very intriguing. It will fit best into your schedule as a light afternoon snack!

Where to eat?

  • Quan bun Hen: 6 Le Huan, Hue.

  • Quan com bun Hen: 29 Ngo Gia Tu, Hue.

  • Quan com bun hen 114: 114 Nguyen Lo Trach, Hue.

Day 2:

3. Where To Eat In Hue: Banh beo chen

If you want to try out a local fastfood dish, we highly recommend that you have a look at Hue’s favorite rice cake: Banh beo chen. Pro tip: Banh beo chen makes an excellent brunch dish.

Banh beo chen looks quite similar to Western cupcakes, but there are a lot of differences. Banh beo chen is made by sticky rice poured into tiny bowls (called chen). After a while, this liquid will solidify to make the base of Banh beo chen. On top of it, people put fried pork fat, grind peanuts and dried onions. Once you are ready to go, put in a tiny spoon of special fish sauce onto the bowl. Your tongue will be amazed at how this savory cake tastes!

Where to eat?

  • Banh beo nam loc Ba Do: 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Hue.

  • Banh beo Ba Cu: 107 Nguyen Hue, Hue.

  • Banh beo chen: 11 Dien Bien Phu, Hu

4. Where To Eat In Hue: Banh khoai

Pancakes are something that most foreigners are familiar with. But do you know that Vietnam actually has its own type of pancake? And Hue – out of all Vietnam’s cities – is considered to be the birthplace of Vietnamese pancake. Yes, it is the Banh khoai we are talking about.

Unlike the sweet pancakes in the West, Banh khoai is a savory dish. This dish is prepared in a peculiar and interesting way. The chef will heat a shallow pan to a certain degree and then pour one thin layer of rice-flour into the pan. On top of that layer, toppings such as shrimps, pork, bean sprouts and green onions will be added. After a few minutes, the chef will carefully fold Banh khoai into half like a Banh mi. Tada!

Banh khoai is best served with fresh herbs and a special peanut sauce. You can cut Banh khoai into smaller pieces and dip them into the sauce bowl. It will surely leave a deep and lingering taste in your mouth!

Hue restaurants to eat Banh khoai? 

  • Banh khoai Hanh: 11 Pho Duc Chinh, Hue.

  • Banh khoai Hong Mai: 110 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hue.

  • Banh khoai Lac Thien: 6 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hue.

5. Where To Eat In Hue: Me xung

After devouring lots of savory dishes, you may want something sweet to balance your appetite before going to sleep. Why not give Me xung a go?

Me xung is a traditional Hue dessert that is made from sugar, peanut, sesame and rice layers. All of these ingredients are ground, and then stirred together in a huge pot before the artisan puts this mixture into tiny rectangular shapes. In a way, Me xung can be seen as a type of special edible chewing gum. It offers a deep sweet taste that may be a bit off-putting if you don’t have a sweet tooth. Worry not though, because the peanuts and sesame will help to harmonize its flavor.

Me xung is usually served with tea. Keep in mind that it is very sticky, so Me xung shouldn’t be eaten in a rush. Take your time and enjoy a pleasant Hue afternoon with Me xung and a nice beverage.

Where to eat Me Xung in Hue?

  • Me xung Thien Huong: 20 Chi Lang, Hue.

  • Me xung Nam Thuan: 201 Huynh Thuc Khang, Hue.

  • Me xung Thanh Hung: 55 Hoang Dieu, Hue.

With many tourists, the best trip is not just to visit famous sites of the city but also try tasty cuisine there. We hope with these reviews and suggestions, you will find you most favorite food and where to eat in Hue

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