Places To Visit In Da Nang: 3 Places For Having A Steamy Date

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Da Nang is a city with marvelous coastal lines, with beautiful beaches and magnificent scenery of nature, and the city itself. Maybe that’s why many lovebirds choose this place to spend some quality time together, to love and be loved by their significant other. So, besides the white sands, the deep blue sea and the vivid forests, explore best places to visit in Da Nang?

1. Places to visit in Da Nang: Love Lock Bridge

When you travel to Da Nang Vietnam, you should first pay a visit to Love Lock Bridge. It’s a symbol of Da Nang when it comes to that one subject everybody is fond of.

I suppose the Han River is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Da Nang City. Well, you should, considering the river’s stunning beauty, no one can blame you. There are many famous bridges revolving the Han River in the city of Da Nang, and the Love Lock Bridge is one of them.

Located in between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, the Love Lock is considered a “hotspot” for the young who are in love. What makes the Love Lock Bridge notable is that, there are hundreds of red, heart-shaped lanterns on the bridge that are lit in the evening, creating a romantic sensation here. It is said that this bridge was inspired by the French Pont des Arts in France, or the Milvio in Italy, and is created to be a place for those who are in love to express their belief in eternity of their love. What people do here is that they would hang locks that have their names written on it onto the bridge to testify their love story.

2. Places to visit in Da Nang: The Helio Center

Bringing your date to an amusement park or an arcade should be considered as the “Typical Dating Experience” around the globe, but it seems like nowadays, the younger generations don’t really prefer this way of dating anymore, as they find it a little bit too “old-fashioned”. I think it doesn’t have to be like that.

Helio Center (credits:

Let me be clear that the Helio Center is not an amusement park, but more of a complex area with many different fields of entertainment combined into one location. That’s why I decided to include this center to the list of dating places in Da Nang or places to visit in Da Nang because it’s like the perfect, upgraded version of a so-called “old-fashioned” amusement park.

The Helio Center is known as an entertainment center for families, young people and tourists in Da Nang. Not only does this place has a wide range of entertainment for adults, it also has a large indoor and outdoor playground for children. Moreover, the center offers a food court that serves a variety of dishes from cultures all around the world.

3. Places to visit in Da Nang: Bana Hills

Of course, I have to put Ba Na Hills is one of best places to visit in Da Nang. Why? Because you can’t really go wrong with Ba Na Hills. Even if it’s for a date with your crush, or a wedding with your soon-to-be spouse, or honeymoon with your “already-spoused” spouse, or simply a vacation with your family. Ba Na Hills definitely can serve it all.

Ba Na Hills is an eco-tourism resort with modern entertainment and high-end facilities. Having a cool climate all year round, Ba Na Hills is the most ideal vacation destination in Da Nang. Not only do you have a chance to see the great scenery of the mountains, you can also experience some high-end entertainment suitable for people of all ages. Moreover, the enchanting gardens that this place offers, such as the Love Garden, the vineyard, the Fairy Garden, is the perfect place to find some fresh air, or some alone and calm time with your loved ones.

Love is a wonderful thing, and dating is the way to go to completely drown yourself in the tingly sensation that love brings. Places that I’ve listed here are just 3 destinations I believe is quite ideal for a first date, or for your honeymoon if Da Nang is where you’re interested in or even a family vacation. They are flexible places to visit in Da Nang, that offer quality entertainment for everyone. I hope it’s been a useful guide. But hey, a cup of coffee in an old, rusty coffee shop wouldn’t even be the smallest bother if you’re truly, deeply, madly in love with your companion, am I right?

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