Hanoi Guide: Family Trip With 3 Recreational Activities

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Hanoi is one of the most-visited city that should be on the list during your Vietnam travel, and it will be best if you can spend some quality time and have fun with your families. So what does Ha Noi have in store for you? Below are top 3 recreational activities following the Hanoi guide, which helps you to have the Hanoi experiences like never before. 

1. Hanoi guide suggested Temple of Literature

There’s no better time to help your kids approach traditional features than on a leisurely trip. Vietnam is a country of rich culture and history, so traveling here without exploring the time-honored relics and scenery is totally impossible. One of the most well-known sites to visit is the Temple of Literature. Dedicated to Confucius, the Temple of Literature hosts the Imperial Academy, Vietnam’s first acknowledged national university. The site used to offer classes, study sessions as well as ceremonies and examination for centuries. You may recognize the Temple from the image printed on the back of the VND 100,000 bill. 

The Temple simulates Confucius birthplace, with its own lake, park and numerous interior courtyards, covering an area of 54,000 square meters. It is an amazing experience to visit the place and observe how the ancient infrastructure, combining with few modern restorations, looks like. One specialty of the Temple is the Turtle Steles. 

These are stone turtles with a carved stone plate on its shell to honor those who are successful in the royal exam. Students before major examinations often visit here and touch the turtles’ head for good luck. In addition, you may ask for calligraphy from the Confucian scholars sitting around the Temple with their ink and paper readily presented as a gift to bring back home after your visit in Hanoi Vietnam

2. Hanoi guide suggested The “Legends of Bubbles” Show

This amazing, ‘child-attracting’ performance will definitely be an occasion for your family to bond together. The ‘Legend of Bubbles’ show is carried out by Fan Yang, an international bubble artist. This is the first collaborative bubble show in Vietnam, featuring a Guinness World record holder with a spectacular stage in the Garden of Light in Hanoi. With plenty of room for audience participation, direct interaction with the performer is highly possible. Needless to say, the performance will not only blow bubbles but also your minds away, which will only bring your family closer together.

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3. Hanoi guide suggested playing at the Jump Arena

Being bored with all the shopping and sight-seeing? Why not visiting Jump Arena, the largest recreational playground in Hanoi also one of the most interesting places recommended by Hanoi guide for a bit of a thrill? Located in the center of the city, Jump Arena offers a variety of simulative activities for you to try out. Needless to say, the Arena offers an exciting obstacle course that tests your strength and agility throughout its challenges. What is more, Jump Arena offers a great trampoline course with hoops to dunk on and artificial walls to run up on. Taking a free spring and then land softly on an airbag is the most fun kind of workout. 

Rock climbing can be a wee bit of more serious, and for those who just started in this field, the Arena also has a wall simulating stone ledges that can also be physically demanding. With provided safety measures and equipment, as well as exciting activities, Jump Arena is a great choice to relax and have some fun after the strenuous journey on your Vietnam travel.

Hanoi one of the perfect destinations for you to have memorable experiences with your beloved family. We all hope these reviews following the Hanoi travel guide above have brought you many useful recommendations.

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