What to eat in Hanoi: Romantic Couple Time In Lovely Coffee Shops

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If you happen to drop by the ancient city of Ha Noi during your Vietnam travel, it’s worth remembering that the charm of this land is not limited to historical sites only. There are adoring places scattered all over the city, which promise to offer you a romantic atmosphere. Does it sound like a deal to you?If you are wondering what to eat in Hanoi and where to spend time with your soulmate? Check out our list below to see what Ha Noi has in store for you.

1. What to eat in Hanoi: Ban Tin 102

Address: 102 – D6, Alley 215 To Hieu, Hanoi

Following Hanoi eating guide, Vietnam’s pre-21st-century culture is something not to be overlooked, especially when its beauty is slowing fading away in this fast-paced society. If you want to truly enjoy the atmosphere of ancient Ha Noi, you can find a minute of peace with your loved one at this cute tea shop.

What makes this place outstanding is its excellent use of Ha Noi antics, ranging from typing machine, motorbikes to hand-made pottery. It seems like the whole building breathes of the good old day when everyone could enjoy a nice piece of snack with delicious beverages.

2. What to eat in Hanoi: The Rustics Coffee

Address: 21B Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi.

If you are into vintage design and the fresh colors of vegetation, this coffee shop will definitely satisfy you. Using white wooden furniture mixed with yellow and panels, the whole scene of The Rustics Coffee gives out a comfy, cozy and loving feeling. Around the coffee shop, flowers and small bushes are hung on the windows and ceilings, which promises to make you feel like home.

And one more delicate touch to make the date during your Vietnam travel even better? The Rustics Coffee has several spots cut out for sweet photo shoots. Do not hesitate to ask the waiter and have an melting kiss in front of the camera. The Rustics Coffee will give you the best background ever and offer a variety of yummy cakes when you want to know what to eat in Hanoi

3. What to eat in Hanoi: Trill Rooftop Cafe

Address: 26th floor, Hei Tower, Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Hanoi

This coffee shop will fit best for those of you whose motto is: “You only live once”. With a unique location – being on the rooftop right in the center of Ha Noi – Trill is famous for its wonderful view. 

From up here, you can enjoy looking at never-ending rows of buildings while chatting and drinking with your partner. If you do not like being outside, this coffee shop still has an indoor section with a black-and-white theme and an eye-pleasing touch of plants. Make yourself at home once you get here, everyone.

4. What to eat in Hanoi: The Kat Coffee

Address: 102 Vu Trong Phung, Hanoi

Have you ever been to place to eat in Hanoi having the beach and feel the breeze of summer? If the answer is no, then you must check it out. This marvellous coffee shop at Ha Noi will make your Vietnam travel unforgettable by offering you an exquisite experience: submerging your feet under the sand while sipping your drink.

While the 3 first floors of The Kat make use of bohemian designs – from tents to dreamcatchers – to attract couples, the 4th floor of this coffee shop has a vast area of synthetic sand. The furniture used are also reminiscent of underwater activities, with blue and white being the main color. If you want to spend a memorable date somewhere special, this place will not let you down.

5. What to eat in Hanoi: Xofa cafe & bistroxt

Address: 14 Tong Duy Tan, Hang Bong, Ha Noi.

We call this place “a small European corner in the middle of Hanoi” thanks to its use of classical romanticism in architecture. With dark-red bricks, curvy ceilings and antique lamp-posts, Xofa seems to emerge itself in a 16th-century atmosphere. Once you step foot inside this place, time is no longer a concern, and you can laze around with your date as much as you like.

One bonus point of this coffee shop is that it opens 24/24. This means that you basically can spend your whole day at this romantic place, with no time limits.

No more wonder what to eat in Hanoi and where to have good food and drinks in the capital of Vietnam. During your trip to Hanoi, let’s take note these recommended places to experience Hanoi as the locals. 

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