Vietnam Travel Tips: Shopping Location In Hoi An (호이안)

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Hoi An (호이안) Ancient Town not only has warm, hospitable people and extremely rich and attractive cuisine but also is one of Vietnam’s famous cultural heritages with poetic scenery, unique architectural works. With the Vietnam tour to Hoi An (호이안), you can visit several shopping places where you can immerse in Hoi An (호이안) culture. Let’s follow these Vietnam travel tips and purchase your favorite items in Vietnam. 

1.Vietnam travel tips: B’lan Silk tailor shop at 23 Tran Phu

This is must-visit shop if you are a big fan of silk

This tailor shop located in an old house, built 200 years ago. Therefore, customers can walk around the house to explore Hoi An (호이안) culture while waiting for their clothes to be measured. At B’lan Silk Store, you can be completely satisfied with the product and the cost.

The address at 23 – Tran Phu – Hoi An (호이안) is one of Hoi An (호이안)’s oldest houses, visitors are allowed to visit freely. Guests visiting will be guided in English, French … very dedicated with all questions of visitors. Tourist having a trip in Vietnam should own one Ao Dai – a traditional costume of Vietnam. 

2. Vietnam travel tips: Lantern-selling street

There are many colorful kinds of lanterns here

Hoi An (호이안) lanterns have become a unique cultural feature of the old town, which has a variety of colors, showing the sophistication and talent of Vietnamese. Lanterns in Hoi An (호이안) are quite nice, light and compact, so it is very suitable for tourists to buy as souvenirs when coming to this old town. You can find lantern’s shops on Tran Phu Street such as: Tuoi Ngoc Lanterns, Ngoc Thu and other shops at Le Loi, Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Thai Hoc Streets … Prices will depend on size, color, shape of the lamp. It is not too expensive, very suitable as a gift. Once you visit Hoi An (호이안), you should get one as the memorable souvenir in your Vietnam trip

3. Vietnam travel tips: Hoi An (호이안) night market

All kinds of handicrafts, traditional pottery, lanterns and Hoi An (호이안) cuisine as well as Quang Nam are sold

From 17:00 to 23:00 daily, on this nearly 300 meter long street, there will be booths to display and sell all kinds of handicrafts, traditional pottery, lanterns and Hoi An (호이안) cuisine as well as Quang Nam.

Hoi An (호이안) night market concentrates nearly 50 stalls with all kinds of goods, forming a bustling shopping space with bold local characteristics. From traditional Hoi An (호이안) lanterns with enough colors, to the lovely curry cakes, handicraft items, Thanh Ha pottery, clothes, silk, … and even the famous dishes of the ancient city such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, Che me den (black sesame sweet soup) ….

4. Vietnam travel tips: The shops on Hoi An (호이안)'s main old town

A famous street in Hoi An (호이안) with a lot of shops and restaurants

The main ancient street in Hoi An (호이안) is Tran Phu, Bach Dang, Nguyen Thai Hoc and Le Loi streets. At these streets, there are many sewing shops with a variety of fabrics for visitors to choose. Vietnam travel tips show that you can order a style by your own and receive within a few hours, even if visitors like to order sewing in Hoi An (호이안), they can also provide measurements and addresses, shops will send products to your house.

Hoi An (호이안) ancient town with the main street of Tran Phu and the side streets are intersected along with dozens of shops selling large and small items. There are a wide range of services, from fashion to coffee shops, restaurants and countless items for shopping lovers.

5. Vietnam travel tips: Hoi An (호이안) market

It is considered as a food paradise with reasonable price
Inside the market

Hoi An (호이안) Market is a place where you can find any items from food and drink to daily-needed items. The market is divided into many different areas like a dining area, selling- fresh product area.

On the contrary to peace and quiet in the old town, Hoi An (호이안) market is also a very different highlight of Hoi An (호이안) ancient town recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Bustling, colorful, attractive and subtle … attracts people and visitors to the “food paradise” Hoi An (호이안).

Foods such as vegetables, aromas and colorful spices are sold everywhere. Just need a little observation, visitors can find countless attractive snacks, and the price is very affordable for less than 1 USD. And there are many delicious local dishes that you should not miss.

So, What make you hesitate about Hoi An (호이안) for the next destination? We hope these Vietnam travel tips help you to have a great trip in Hoi An (호이안), Vietnam and find out your favorite items to give your beloved friends. 

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