Top 5 Well-known Dining-quarter Paradises in Hanoi

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Hanoi attracts tourists not only because of the natural landscape, the long-standing historical relics but also by a rich and diverse cuisine, making visitors go and still attach themselves, remember forever in the Vietnam tour.

1. Hanoi dining-quarter paradise: Hang Buom Street

The vibrant street at night in Hanoi

Hang Buom Street is considered a small, modern, bustling and crowded Hanoi. Here, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in a culinary paradise, from the traditional dishes of Vietnamese to countless strange gifts from around the world.

Diners can enjoy food at the restaurant or take it away, while walking around the old town while sipping. In addition, there are many types of tea or fruit juice for guests to select. Because the time of “lighting up” coincides with Hanoi night market, Hang Buom Food Street has attracted more food lovers and international tourists.

2. Hanoi dining-quarter paradise: Ta Hien Street

Sleepless street in Hanoi

Hanoi food lovers are familiar with the famous “beer paradise” Ta Hien. This street has become a gathering place for many tourists when visiting Hanoi and wanting to let their hair down for a long time.

In Ta Hien, one cannot find any luxurious beer shop, but simply sidewalk shops, where drinkers are huddled in front of the door, on plastic chairs and sip each cool beer.

Enjoying a cup of beer in Ta Hien to fulfill your Vietnam trip

The cuisine of this “sleepless street” is also very diverse. Although it is just simple, ordinary, not too fussy dishes, it creates an extremely refresh mood when coming with beer.

At night, Ta Hien is always noisy and bustling with laughter and crazy songs. But sometimes, it is the Hanoi people that are surprised with the idyllic, quiet, nostalgic appearance of this street.

3. Hanoi dining-quarter paradise: Dong Xuan market

A veriety Vietnamese sweet soups in Hanoi

This is the oldest, famous and crowded market in Ha Thanh (the name that locals often call “Hanoi”). Not only for Hanoi people, Dong Xuan market is also the favorite food address of many tourists. At any time, you can also come here to search and enjoy a wealth of delicacies including main meals and desserts.

The most out-standing one must be Crab paste vermicelli soup and snail vermicelli soup cooked with banana and tofu, coming with mild sour broth, fat and crispy snails.

4. Hanoi dining-quarter paradise: Ly Quoc Su

Ly Quoc Su is a famous brand of Beef Noodle in Hanoi

Known as a short street but famous for dishes that can satisfy even the most fastidious guests, Ly Quoc Su Street has become a familiar eating haven for young people and foreign tourists in Vietnam travel.

One of the most famous and popular Pho brands in Hanoi is in Ly Quoc Su Street. Pho here only specializes in beef but has all kinds of re-ripe, encrusted, which makes new customers have many choices and loyal customers not be bored. Pho broth is very characteristic, flavored with spices without being fat.

Lemon tea is considered as a Hanoi specialty

In Hanoi, referring to lemon tea, it certainly can’t be without Ly Quoc Su Street. You can easily see the images of crowded travelers and young people gathering on the terrace of lemon tea stalls, especially on weekends.

5. Hanoi dining-quarter paradise: Cathedral Street (locals often call “Nha Tho street”)

Any kind of street food also can be find here

Rarely does a street focus almost full of delicacies from many cuisines around the world like Nha Tho Street. Many people believe that this is a must-visit place in Hanoi trip.

In Nha Tho street, you can not only eat Thai-style coconut ice cream, enjoy a Japanese food but also sip a pizza. Besides, there are also many Vietnamese restaurants or stalls attracting travelers.

This street also has stunning, luxurious French-style coffee shops, hidden under old trees. Enjoy a hot coffee in the balcony, watching the small town silently, which will helps you have a wonderful afternoon and a sense of relaxation.

Hanoi food is a rich and diverse cuisine, making visitors go and still attach themselves, remember forever in the Vietnam tour. 5 Hanoi dinning-quarter paradise above will help you choose the place to enjoy quintessential Vietnamese cuisine.

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