Hanoi Guide For Bargaining in Outdoor Markets

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Going shopping can be a great fun, especially when you are on your Vietnam tour package. But from which can you get the best deal? The answer is going to the local outdoor markets. In our Hanoi guide below, we have compiled a list of top 3 outdoor markets in Ha Noi. Let’s see what they have to offer!

1. Hanoi guide: Cho Xanh (Xanh Market)

Located on the urban district of Cau Giay, Xanh Market is well-known among college students for its reasonable price as well as its convenient location. Cho Xanh was once a market dedicated mainly for groceries, which explains the name (‘Xanh’ means ‘Green’ in Vietnamese). Then, a craze for modern fashion arose around 2005, which shifted the subject of businesses here to men and womenswear.

Situated near numerous universities of Hanoi, this market offers a fairly wide range of clothing and other accessories. You’ll be amazed to see the variety of clothing items offered here: from jeans, shirts, handbags, wallets, to shoes and fashion accessories. These products can also be found in independent shops elsewhere in the city, but the price there is substantially higher than what is offered here. In fact, with only 100.000 to 200.000 VND (about $5 – $10), you can purchase many clothing items here with a lot to spare. That’s what made Xanh Market popular: beautiful products at a reasonable price. Thus, if you’re traveling to Vietnam on a budget or if you want to save some money but still be able to bring home some souvenirs, Xanh Market is the best choice for you!

Due to its popularity and Hanoi travel guide, the market is always crowded with customers and tourists, so it’s best to beware of your surroundings. Also, make sure to examine the goods carefully before paying for them, given that the market has no refund policies. All in all, with ample precautions, your trip to Xanh would be amazing.

2. Hanoi guide: Pho Co Night Market

This is one of the must-do activities on your Vietnam tour package, or specifically Hanoi: visiting Pho Co Night Market.

Situated next to Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi Walking Street, Pho Co Night Market is a decent place to visit during your outings in Hanoi. Similar to Xanh Market, this night market also offers a wide range of cheap clothing and accessories at a surprisingly low price, including sweaters, khaki pants, and handbags. In addition, you can purchase various kinds of souvenirs with your name inscribed on them, like keychains and cards for instance.

But the special trait of the night market is the versatile variety of food being sold here. Numerous cuisines of countries around the world are presented at different food stands: Korea, Thai, Japan, and even Taiwan. Even so, the price of these foods are fairly reasonable. For instance, you can buy some Thai rolling ice cream for only about VND 30.000, or a tray of Korean kimpaps at the very same price. You can even have a beef hotpot with only VND 150.000, or have a Korean barbecue buffet at that price as well. These food are not only low-priced but also well-made, which explains its popularity among tourists when traveling to Vietnam. That’s why Pho Co Night Market is a great choice for travelers when you visit Hanoi Vietnam, and especially if you want to explore Vietnam cuisines and bring back some souvenirs from your trip.

3. Hanoi guide: Cho Phung Khoang (Phung Khoang Market)

Following to Hanoi guide, Phung Khoang Market is also a well-known outdoor market dedicated to cheap shopping, especially for college students. There are also other similarities, for example, the market offers low-priced clothes starting at only 10.000 VND, with many types and kinds of clothing items. The market is also very competitive in attracting customers, so it’s very likely that you’ll be offered discounts and promotions like “buy one get one free”. Also, businesses here are reported to be nicer and easier to negotiate than their counterparts in other markets, thus affirms its popularity among customers, especially those on a budget. That’s why it’s worth paying Phung Khoang a visit on your Vietnam travel!

Before wrapping up, here are some Vietnamese phrases that you can use to bargain with the dealer. Let’s hope you can put them into use!

1. Đắt quá! Giảm giá cho em đi! – This is too expensive. Please give me a discount.

2. Giảm cho em …. thì em mua ạ! – If you can give me a ….. discount, I will buy this item,

3. Cái này giá ….. thì bán không? Bán cho em nhé! – Can you sell this item at …. (insert the price you want to bargain) for me? Please!

4. Em không mua đâu. Đắt quá. – I won’t buy this item. It’s too expensive.

5. Đắt như này thì mua sao nổi. Giảm giá đi ạ. – This is too expensive for me to buy. Give me a discount and I’ll buy it.

Shopping at a market is a traditional habit of Hanoi citizens. Once you travel to Hanoi capital, you should try going shopping as the locals here. We hope these tips above which is consider a Hanoi guide help you to find out our needed items in Hanoi.

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