Hanoi Guide: Times City – an insight into biggest mega mall

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Established in 2013, Times City soon becomes one of the most luxury shopping complexes in Vietnam. With a comprehensive set of sightseeing, shopping, social engagement, services, and recreational spots, Times City or “the City of the new era” is a place you cannot miss on your Vietnam tour package.

It’s our time to share a little sneak peek of Hanoi guide about this most modern underground shopping mall!

1. Hanoi guide: Vinpearl Aquarium Times City

Vinpearl Aquarium gathers over 30,000 species from “all oceans and continents” in 3,000,000 liters of water, many of which are the first in Vietnam. The underwater tunnel is categorized into 3 areas: Freshwater Area, Reptile Area, and Saltwater Area according to species’ distinct habitats.

Especially, Vinpearl Aquarium Times City is the only place where you can find our ”celebrity in penguin kingdom” – Pengo – the first penguin to “acquire Vietnamese nationality”. Through enormous efforts,  Times city’s expert team had successfully supported penguin couples to reproduce. Do not miss out on such a wonderful opportunity on your Vietnam travel, everyone!

2. Hanoi guide: Platinum Cineplex

Another worth visiting spot is Platinum Cineplex, which covers approximately 5400 sqm with 11 rooms and 2100 seats equipped with most modern technology. This largest cinema in the country undoubtedly updates newest from national to international blockbuster movies. Plus, Platinum Cineplex inferior design is inspired by European architecture, which guarantees movie-goers absolutely second-to-none experience!

3. Hanoi guide: VinKE

Pondering a place to babysit your kids? Come to Vin Kids’ Edutainment!

Your children will engage in “playing while learning” environment, discover and experience their favorite fields through vocational education models including Fire Department, Military Academy, Hospital, Dance club, Junior Master Chief, Fashion, Creative world etc. These activities not only bring your kids exciting experiences, intellectual developments but also enhance their essential life skills such as self-confidence and responsibility.

Besides career orientation models, VinKE also provides a large space for the indoor Games world, 5D Cinema with special effects, Mirror maze and so on. Your children will be more than delighted on their Vietnam tour package!

4. Hanoi guide: A kingdom of clothing brands

H&M is definitely the first name to show. As confirmed by the brand, H&M Vietnam opened the second branch in Hanoi to target the same market segment of affordable fashion as the first one. Without any doubt, H&M is already widely known for processed commodities such as footwear, accessories, and knitwear.

Coming to Times City, you would also find other local clothing brands namely ELISE (specializing in formal attire in the workplace), Bosua by BOO (millennial streetwear), Canifa (family clothing with trendy collections) and many more! You won’t want to let this chance slip by!

5. Hanoi guide: Best restaurants with delicacies from all around the world

We are more than excited to share with you our top 5 restaurants inside this shopping complex:

•    K-pub: All Korean popular delicacies ranging from Hanwoo beef from spicy octopus are there for you! With only 150,000 – 250,000 VND per person, you can get it all from the menu!

Address: Aisle 5, Street 9 (near the Vinpearl Aquarium)

•    Al Fresco’s: Al Fresco’s breathes into Times City a romantic European atmosphere with delicious dishes namely pizza, Italian spaghetti, Mexican food, and American style burgers.

Address: Aisle 6, street 9

•    King BBQ Buffet: Exclusive recipe – “King sauce” created by the chief cook – Park Sung Min, one of the most adept chefs in Korea, is the first and foremost reason to have a try! With King BBQ, no Korean famous cuisine is left behind. 

Address:  16 street 3, B1 Times City

•    Mon Hue: Mon Hue invested by Huy Vietnam corporation specializes in Vietnamese delicacies particularly from central areas. Reasonable price and high quality are the reasons why you should pay a visit!

Address: L1, T10, Times City

•    ThaiExpress: With the mission to introduce Thai foods to Hanoians, ThaiExpress team have made endless efforts to bring the best original taste of Thai local delicacies.

Address: B1 – 18 – street 3

Mall is a good place for you to spend quality time with your family or friends. If you still wonder where to play also savor good food in hanoi, Times City would be a good place for you. We hope these tips from Hanoi guide is useful for you to travel in Hanoi.

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