Hanoi Guide: The Hanoi Soulful Souvenirs

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Talking about Hanoi is referring to people, to the traditional culture showed  in its cuisine as well as man-made products with cultural of this capital. Not only do  you yourself taste deliciousness and beauty of Hanoi, but you can also buy these products in the centers or souvenir shops to make gifts for friends and relatives after Vietnam tour to Hanoi. Here are the most special and meaningful Hanoi souvenirs to buy that you should not ignore to choose for relatives and friends in your Vietnam trip.

Hanoi Souvenirs: Non La ( Conical hat)

Non la is a symbol of Vietnamese women

Non La is a symbol capturing cultural Vietnamese people especial for women, The Vietnamese woman wear Non La like a beautiful image of a gentle, dreamy woman. Not just a symbolic gift, ”Non La” also has effective functions and is an indispensable item of Vietnamese people.

It is familiar with the funnel structure, which helps to protect people from natural factors such as sun and rain. The conical hat itself will have many different types by each region. Non La is the one of the best Hanoi souvenirs for your family and friends.

Hanoi Souvenirs: T- shirt

One of the popular items for travelers

That T-shirt printed Vietnam National Flag is considered as a good and practical gift on the list of things to buy from foreign tourists when they have a Vietnam tour.

What’s more practical to buy T-shirts as Hanoi souvenirs when to visit that country. it only costs about 4-5 dollars and is sold a lot on the streets of Hanoi. If you have foreign friends who are about to travel to Vietnam and are still not sure whether to buy a real souvenir at a reasonable price, remember these T-shirts.

Hanoi Souvenirs: Handicraft products - Exquisite gift from Hanoi

Traveling to Hanoi, you should not ignore handicraft products. Here you can not only admire unique and exquisite products bringing bold culture in some famous villages and places in Vietnam. That is the point of foreign tourist attraction – those who always want to learn more about the activities of Vietnamese.

Locals sell this product a lot around Hoan Kiem Lake

This is the first Hanoi souvenir made from wood. Visitors can visit shops selling lacquer souvenirs, which is traditional and artfully designed products at shops along Ly Quoc Su, Hang Gai, Hang Bong, Nha Tho, Van Mieu streets … Especially at Nguyen Moc Décor 31 Van Mieu, wooden products and wine racks made by hand with a very beautiful and unique form – a great gift for international relatives and friends.

Colorful brode you can buy in Hanoi to sew these items in your own way

The second Hanoi souvenir is from brocade. Brocade is becoming an “expensive” commodity in most of Vietnam’s tourist places now. Many international visitors have an impression of the eye-catching with many geometric shapes creating symmetry and loop on products. Embroidered by hand, the substance contains the soul and the love of the country, the image of grass and flowers, the scene of the Vietnamese, which makes many tourists love and buy gifts. In any shop at tourist areas, people also found variety of stalls selling brocade items from bags, towels, clothes, hats, skirts to key chains…

You also can pick up the accessories like that

Shells are the material to make the next Hanoi souvenirs. With many strange shapes, decorative products made from shells attract visitors’ attention right from the first sight. With just a bit of skill, a bit of meticulousness, art products are sold everywhere on beaches or in souvenir shops. The most souvenirs from shells are probably rings, key rings or arranged side by side into many shapes: boat, wind chimes …

Many are really into the souvenirs from bamboo and rattan

There are many Hanoi souvenirs which are made from bamboo and rattan. Beside rice, bamboo is also a symbolic tree for the spirit and will of Vietnamese people and country. There are many bamboo souvenirs that attract the attention of international visitors: bookmarks , decorative lights, cosmetic containers, trays … Moreover, the bamboo items are decorated and carved into beautiful pictures of Vietnamese villages and landscapes, and famous relics in Vietnam.

Hanoi Souvenirs: Ceramics - A famous traditional gift of Hanoi

Bat Trang pottery items have their own beauty, with distinctive enamel colors and craftsmanship techniques

If you have the opportunity to visit Hanoi, let’s take time to visit Bat Trang – the most famous traditional pottery village in Vietnam.

Bat Trang pottery items have their own beauty, with distinctive enamel colors and craftsmanship techniques. Besides familiar and famous products such as cups, bowls, cups, cups … there are also products dedicated as gifts such as wind chimes, statues …

Tourists can come here to make their own bowls, jars, and cups as a gift that is both be meaningful and be your own interesting experience when traveling to Hanoi. However, be careful when transporting them as these items are fragile.

Have you chosen Hanoi Souvenirs for your family and friends yet?

4 types of Hanoi souvenirs above mentioned are will be worth to bring home and they are the best soulful gift for your family and friends in your Vietnam trip.

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