Good Places To Eat In Hanoi: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at 5 Local Bakeries

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On your Vietnam tour package, you will definitely want to eat more than just main dishes and savory cuisines. What about the desserts? What about the sweets and cakes? Maybe Ha Noi is not best known for its sweet stuff like Italy, but Ha Noi’s local bakeries do have their own charms. In our list below, we have compiled a list of top 5 Ha Noi’s good place to eat sweet dessert in Hanoi. Some of them offer well-known cakes like tiramisu, while others have developed their own recipes. Are you excited? Let’s go!

1. Good places to eat in Hanoi: Cakehaeyo

To kick off, we want to introduce a small yet popular bakery. Cakehaeyo started off as a takeaway cake shop, which only sells desserts through online orders. Gradually, Cakehaeyo has gained the trust and support of local food-lovers and has expanded into an indoor bakery and becomes one of good place to eat in Hanoi.

Upon arriving here, we highly recommend that you try the signature cake of the shop: salted egg yolk cake with cheese sauce. The chiffon is soft and delicious, coupled with the outstanding melted cheese mixed with salted egg yolk. And rest assured that other cakes at Cakehaeyo are as equally yummy. You can try the milo Oreo choco cake – which consists of a chocolate chiffon and a layer of milo cheese topping. Or even a traditional sweet soup called Che khuc bach here is also of excellent quality.

Lately, Cakehaeyo has added a few more choices to its menu, including avocado yogurt, peach yogurt and coconut boba yogurt. And believe us, all of these will give your tongue a heavenly taste!

Address: 102D1 TT Nam Dong, Alley 119 Ho Dac Di, Dong Da, Hà Nội

2. Good places to eat in Hanoi: Tous Les Jours

Address: 123 Hue, Ngo Thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi.

If you want to enjoy a high-end teabreak with Korean cakes then you should pay Tous Les Jours a visit. Ever since its establishment in 1997, Tous Les Jours has proven to be a leading pioneer in the baking industry. Tous Les Jours tends to be more focused on savory desserts such as Corn Ham Cheese Bread or Italian Croquette (Fried breads with ham). In general, sweet desserts at Tous Les Jours like Custard Donut or Coconut cookies are more or less of average quality compared to other brands, but you may give them a try if you want to!

Another reason why Tous Les Jours is so popular among cake lovers in Ha Noi is the fact that it presents itself in most shopping centers. The intense frequency of Tous Les Jours is kind of convenient for Hanoian, and all of Tous Les Jours’s shops are beautifully decorated and spacious. In short, go for it and see what the variety of cakes at Tous Les Jours has in store for you! Anyways, Tous Les Jours is also a good places to eat in Hanoi if you want to try good quality sweet dessert. 

3. Good places to eat in Hanoi: Madame Huong Dessert

Address: 39 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.

Another fancy bakery located right in the center of Ha Noi that you should drop by is Madame Huong Dessert – one of recommended bakeries from Hanoi eating guide. Mostly famous for its various choices of gateaux cakes and cheese cakes, Madame Huong Dessert is also a well-known coffee shop. Here, you can enjoy the exquisite taste of many unique flavors (like tropical fruits with mix Rum wine and almonds) and lazily sip a cup of Hanoian style Cappuccino.

If you are not into coffee, Madame Huong Dessert has other replacements that may very well satisfy your appetite. There are a wide range of smoothies, from avocado to mango and pineapple. The menu even offers many types of tea, mostly from Ahmad brand. Needless to say, all of these teas are made to leave a lingering aftertaste on your tongue!

4. Good places to eat in Hanoi: Poeme

Address: 104H1 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi.

If you want to visit a small and cozy bakery, then Poeme is cut out for you. Originally a Japanese cake shop, Poeme has gradually expanded its network with signature shops all over Vietnam. All of Poeme bases share one thing in common: they all have an elegant design with yellowish lights and flowers hanging on the windows. Therefore, Poeme best fits those who wish to spend an idle afternoon, listening to ballads and eating meticulously made cakes.

Poeme has a lot of unique cake recipes to offer, but what makes this bakery famous is its chocolate gateaux. But if you can’t consume a whole big cake, feel free to enjoy sliced pieces of cakes. From the worldly-known tiramisu to Poeme’s secret Matcha chiffon, all types of desserts are baked with love and passion that surely will make your Vietnam tour package memorable.

5. Good places to eat in Hanoi: Aroi Dessert Cafe

Address: 5 Khuong Trung, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi.

Mostly known to Vietnamese teenagers, Aroi Dessert Cafe makes a name for itself by the indistinguishable “bear cake”. This refers to a chocolate cake with a shape like a bear’s head, and is filled with chocolate powder all over the top. The slightly bitter taste of chocolate mixed with the typical sweet milk and cheese will definitely blow your mind. Besides this signature cake, Aroi Dessert Cafe also has other desserts like mango cheese mousse or salted egg yolk cakes – best food to eat in Hanoi

There is one more thing to Aroi Dessert Cafe that you should note. It’s the fact that this shop tends to be very crowded and noisy, especially in peak hours. So it’s only suitable for friends hang-out or chit-chat. But don’t worry. The fun lies in your opportunity to see local people mingling with each other. Surely this will be a spotlight during your Vietnam travel.

Are you attracted by it colorful design? Should you sweet tooth begs for sweet dessert, let’s go to these bakeries mentioned above to savor the best one. We hope these reviews can help to you find out your most favorite bakery also good places to eat in Hanoi

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