Racket Coffee – The Authentic Taste of Saigon Food And Drinks

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In Saigon, small coffee stalls at the sidewalk are quite common and also a special feature in the locals’ culture. Taking a little sip of coffee every morning has become a delight in the life of Saigonese no matter if they are male, female, old, or young. The way coffee is enjoyed leads to different types of itself, such as pure coffee with ice, coffee with milk, or of where many people are trying to find out and experience the traditional and unforgettable aroma of former Saigon coffee with lots of milk for those don’t like the bitter taste of black coffee. The racket coffee is exactly such a star of Saigon food and drinks. 

Let's discover the special things of Saigon food and drinks' star!

1.The origin of its name

Nobody knows exactly when the racket coffee naturally occurred, yet in many people’s mind, the cultural feature of enjoying the racket coffee dates since the first Saigonese started having this habit in the morning. Ever wonder why it is called Racket Coffee – a star of Vietnam street food Saigon? Actually, it is named after the tool utilized to make coffee; vendors will separate coffee grounds from the liquid coffee by a racket instead of a specialized coffee filter.

2. The secret behinds its unique taste

To make a cup of racket coffee, the vendor will first dip the racket into the boiling water, and place an enough amount of the ground coffee in it. Then, soak the racket with the ground coffee in the pot of hot water and stir it well until it is distributed evenly. The racket coffee can be served when it is still hot or gets cold, depending on the customers’ favorites.

Just like coffee made by the specialized coffee filter, the racket coffee also includes black coffee, black coffee with ice, hot coffee milk, and coffee milk with ice. The interesting thing is that using the racket to make coffee will help keep its original aroma and taste. By using simple ingredients, Saigon citizens can make the food of Vietnam

It is affordable to enjoy this sort of coffee; a glass of coffee just costs you about VND10,000 – 15,000. The best morning to kick-off always go with a tasty & convenient banh mi, and always better best to go with a nicely brewed racket coffee. 

2. More than a drink, its the unique palate of Saigonese

Today, racket coffee is not as popular any longer as itself many years ago, and even there are just a few coffee shops with the traditional method for making the racket coffee left in the list of Saigon food and drinks. Therefore, if you are lucky to find out an authentic racket coffee shop, it surely dates back many decades. Most of the shops were not designed to have a specific signboard, and  space is just at a corner of the sidewalk or in a small room with several short plastic chairs and tables, so this experience is not obviously considered as an haute delight of Saigon. Nonetheless, the value it brings back is to help people remind of warm memories of this bustling city where the peaceful and rustic life used to be found in the past.

There are several addresses of racket coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh city:

– The racket coffee shop at 313, Tan Phuoc Street, Ward 6, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City. The shop’s owner is Mr. Luu Nhan Thanh, who is originally a Chinese and has managed his business for 30 years.
– Cheo Leo coffee shop in an alley at Nguyen Thien Thuat Street.
– The racket coffee shop which has been run for 60 years, at 330, Phan Dinh Phung Street, Phu Nhuan District.
– The racket coffee shop in a tiny alley, Bui Vien Street, District 1.

Vietnamese cuisines are various and unique, especially Saigon food and drinks. With our reviews, we hope you will find out your most favorite food or drinks in Saigon and have the most memorable experience in Vietnam.

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