Exploring Hanoi Food at Dong Xuan Market

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Located at the intersection of Cau Dong Street and Hang Chieu Street, the only a hundred – meter long road is known as the culinary paradise of capital people. From Snail rice noodles, Kebab rice noodles, Pho Tiu, rolls, nem lui, …to snacks such as donuts, shrimp cakes, Vietnamese sweet soup with all kinds and colors, it can be said lane of Dong Xuan market gather whole Vietnamese food in general and Hanoi food in particular with affordable prices.

1. Hanoi food: Bun cha que tre

Ingredients and the materials make the name of this dish in Hanoi

Dong Xuan market alley is one of the few places selling bun cha que tre in Hanoi. This dish is made in the traditional style: cha is wrapped in Piper sarmentosum clamped on bamboo sticks and grilled on charcoal. Sweet pork meat blends with the aroma of Piper sarmentosum, fried onion and the rustic smell of smoky bamboo. In addition, the unique point of the booth is bun cha here, which is eaten with tamarind vinegar, dracontomelon vinegar, so it is different. With VND 35,000, you have a full bowl of bun cha with two cha que – a delicious Hanoi food.

2. Hanoi food: Bun oc (snail vermicelli)

A delicious vercimelii you should try in Vietnam travel to Hanoi

Located at the end of the alley, there is a small noodle shop but it very crowded with guests coming in, rushing at noon. There are 2 types of bun rieu oc and bun oc chuoi dau (snail vermicelli with banana and tofu). The best delicious of this dish is the broth. The water is sour, mildly aromatic with vinegar. Fatty, crispy snails and not as tough as many other booth. And bun oc chuoi dau is usually eaten dry. Delicious vermicelli with fresh yellow color of turmeric, bacon of banana pieces cooked to maturity, not crushed, tofu fried yellow and fragrant. Just imagine to make mouth – watering! You just pay 30,000 to 35,000 VND to enjoy this amazing Hanoi food.

3. Hanoi food: Rib cartilage porridge

Rice is ground well to make Hanoi rib cartilage porridge

Rib cartilage porridge is usually open at 5 pm, more and more crowded at night. The porridge here is simmered, well- kneaded like powder, thick, sweet and fragrant from bone and meat. The price of a bowl of Rib cartilage porridge is about VND 30,000 that you can try this kind of Hanoi food.

4. Hanoi food: Pho tiu

This is a dish with the special name for Hanoians

Pho tiu  are quite similar to Saigon’s hu tiu, but under the skillful hands of Hanoi people, it is transformed into a brand name of Dong Xuan market. The dish is made of small white banh da, dip through boiling water and put into a bowl. The pieces of yellow roasted pork with big and and very thin slices, then be sprinkled with sweet and sour chili vinegar on top. Finally, fresh vegetables, roasted peanuts and dried onions are covered in the top layer. The price of a bowl is VND 25,000.

5. Hanoi food: Crab meat spring rolls with vermicelli

This is a dish variation of Bun cha Hanoi to attract more food lovers

This is a dish variation of Bun cha. Instead of eating cha, people enjoy Crab vermicelli with yellow fried spring rolls, which is fragrant flavor of crabs. This is kind of Hanoi food that must-eat in your Vietnam trip. The price of a Crab vermicelli is 30,000 VND, adding spring rolls with price from VND 7,000  to VND 10,000.

6. Hanoi food: Dried beef salad

It is considered as a very popular food for young people in Hanoi

Dried beef salad is the favorite dish of young people in Hanoi. It is mixed well with green papaya, herbs, Roasted sweet beef and sour sauce … The flavor of beef is still fresh with the crispness, sweetness of the salad and the sweet and sour taste of chili sauce that will make you want to eat without being bored. The price for dried beef salad  is about VND 30,000.

7. Hanoi food: Sweet soup

Colorful sweet soups

Dong Xuan tea market has many types of sweet soup that are famous in Hanoi such as black bean sweet soup , mixed sweet soup … but the most famous is xuka sweet soup (named after a favorite cartoon character). Xuka sweet soup is the perfect combination of delicious and colorful ingredients: soft, fragrant white caramen, glossy black pieces of jelly, a little cool green jelly, red pomegranate jelly and sprinkled on top with sweet, fragrant coconut milk…

Let’s come here and enjoy the delicious, strange and special Hanoi food with reasonable price in your Vietnam trip!

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