Food to eat in Hanoi: 5 Suggested Korea BBQ Restaurants

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It is widely agreed that once your Vietnam tour package is ready, you should take the opportunity and try as much Vietnam food as possible. But at times, you do deserve a break from these local cuisines and instead, try something more peculiar and high-end.

This is the reason why we compile a list of the top 5 hottest BBQ restaurants in Ha Noi. While not all of them can offer you a “real” Vietnamese taste, they can be tasty food to eat in Hanoi. Let’s see which restaurants are suggested.

1. Food to eat in Hanoi: King BBQ

Originally a Korean brand, King BBQ has proven its dominant stance when it comes to high-end BBQ party.

If you choose to visit King BBQ, you will be overwhelmed by a various range of food choices. Traditional pork and beef are all premium-quality, with its taste reinforced by the use of the restaurant’s secret sauce, which make it one of best foreign food to eat in Hanoi. The staff will personally grill and roast the meat as well as seafood for you, so all you have to do is to sit down and enjoy your lavish meal.

It should also be noted that some King BBQ restaurants come with a line-up buffet. It usually has fresh vegetables, sushi, fastfood like French chips and desserts ranging from yogurt to tofu.

2. Food to eat in Hanoi: Gogi House

Another outstanding brand of Korean-style BBQ in Ha Noi we would like to introduce is Gogi House – one of best places to eat Korean food in Hanoi. Similar to its counterpart King BBQ, Gogi House prides itself on the multiple dishes of BBQ. From the famous American beef to the fresh local seafood, Gogi House can have it all.

If you want to have a truly Korean BBQ, we advise that you try out the Sochu – Korean rice wine. This beverage has a sour-sweet taste, and it will definitely make your dinner more enjoyable.

3. Food to eat in Hanoi: Chen BBQ

As a pioneer in the non-smoking BBQ trend, Chen is a popular restaurant to Hanoians thanks to its excellent service and delectable BBQ choices. While the meat and seafood are well-marinated in the Japanese style, Chen also offers other unique dishes such as shrimp tempura or caviar sushi.

Needless to say, you are welcome at Chen BBQ if a fancy Japanese dinner is what you are looking for. And don’t worry about the typically unfading smell that sticks on your clothes everytime you go out for a BBQ. Remember its reputation! You can freely devour your favorite dishes without any smoke stained on your outfits. Still good to go for the rest of your Vietnam tour package!

4. Food to eat in Hanoi: Habit BBQ

Are you bringing your children along and you do not want them to wander on the streets unsupervised? In that case, a meal at Habit BBQ may very well satisfy your demands.

While the 1st floor is totally dedicated to the dining quarter, the 2nd and 3rd floor has a spacious children area with lots of toys. Your babies will be kept entertained while waiting for the food to be presented.

The service aside, there are other reasons why Habit BBQ is so widely loved among the locals. It offers the traditionally Vietnamese marinated meat with Korean roasting techniques, so you can appreciate the flavor even better. What else to do on your Vietnam travel than such an amazing BBQ! No more wonder what to eat in Hanoi, now you have more options to choose. 

5. Food to eat in Hanoi: Seoul BBQ

To wrap up our list, we would like to recommend another Korean-based BBQ restaurant. And surprisingly, its name takes after the capital of Korea itself – Seoul. What makes this restaurant one of best places to eat in Hanoi’s Old Quater, is that Korean chefs directly design the menu and cook the food. This means you can get an authentic Korean taste in the center of Ha Noi.

Besides typical cuisines such as beef BBQ or grilled pork, Seoul also provides side-dishes that may whet your appetite. Everything from kimchi soup to topokki are so well made, you may be mistaken that they are shipped right from Korea. A 10 point to Seoul restaurant, everyone!

In spite of not being Vietnamese food, but Korean BBQ is still tasty food to eat in Hanoi.If you want to savor not only Vietnamese cuisines, this kind of food is a new and good option for you. We hope you can find out one of your most favorite restaurants in this list. 

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