Hanoi Guide: 5 Places Get Gorgeous Ballgown With Under $25

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If there is one thing all foreign visitors agree on during their Vietnam tour package, it would be the fact that Ha Noi has the cheapest deals to offer. Even a typically pricey item as a ballgown only costs you around $25, should you know where to find the right shop. Do you want to see which clothes boutiques in Ha Noi that have the best party dresses? With Hanoi guide, let’s  find out in our article below!

1. Hanoi guide: Germe

If you want to have a wide range of choices when it comes to female outfits, definitely do not miss out on Germe. Germe is a chain of clothes shops that focus mostly on vintage attires, but it also has up-to-date items that is recommended in Hanoi guide.

Upon arriving here, you will be amazed by how meticulous and well-crafted each set of clothes is. Using fabrics such as linen or synthetic silk, Germe’s clothes give you the comfort that many other brands lack. Most of them are made to be wear-resistant, so as long as you take care of your outfits properly, Germe can give you a dress for a lifetime.

An interesting sidenote is the fact that Germe offers more than ballgowns. Here, you can find exquisite items such as modernized Ao Dai or wool croptop. Your Vietnam travel is promised to be more memorable should you choose to wear such lovely clothes.

2. Hanoi guide: Charme store

Charme store is another ballgown shop that you may want to drop by. Making a name for itself by delivering white dresses beautifully decorated with lace, Charme is a popular destination for local people and noticed by local guide Hanoi. Although Charme’s outfits are mainly white, you can still find other pastel colors such as nude, yellowish or light blue.

Another reason why Charme is so widely loved boils down to its affordability. Typically, a ballgown in high-end shop would be at approximately 60$. But here, even at an expense of roughly 20$, you can already purchase a decent party dress. This surely will make your Vietnam tour package more economical.

3. Hanoi guide: Ballgowns

Ballgowns are gorgeous and all that, but isn’t it wasteful to invest in an expensive dress that could only be worn once or twice? Don’t worry, Daisy understands your dilemma and it has got your back.

Starting as a small clothes shop, Daisy has soon topped the Vietnamese clothing industry with bases scattered all over the nation. In Ha Noi alone, you can find at least 4 Daisy stores. Not only is it popular to young females, but it is also an attraction to older-aged customers.

Not drawn to complex dresses, Daisy produces elegant items that are neither too delicate nor too simple. It is a harmonious mixture between the two, so you can enjoy the charm of your graceful party dress. In other words, your 25$ purchase can give you a 2-in-1 dress, something that serves both as a ballgown and an office clothes set.

4. Hanoi guide: Calie House

Another clothes shop offers feminine ballgowns with a very affordable price is Calie House. All of its 3 Hanoi bases are not very spacious, but every little corner is filled with rackets of sparking dresses. Ballgowns in Calie are diverse in materials and designs. Most of them are traditional party dresses, beautified by adding delicate details such as lace handcuffs or flowery belts.

While a variety of dresses at Calie House may blow your mind, you would be even more surprised to learn that each item costs only around 20$. Hanoi guide also mentions this is too much of a bargain for you on your Vietnam trip!

5. Hanoi guide: Bijin Boutique

The name Bijin itself is intriguing, and indeed Bijin Boutique has done a great job at offering enthralling dresses. But worry not about getting all blinded and confused at all the titillating outfits. The space inside Bijin Boutique is pleasantly arranged, which gives you a feeling of coziness and convenience.

Once you step foot inside Bijin Boutique, you will be welcome with a wide variety of gorgeous dresses. What makes Bijin’s products outstanding is its well-fit form. In short, what you choose to put on your figure is exactly what it is like on the mannequins and advertisement.

The price range of Bijin Boutique ranges from 20$ – 35$, depending on the materials used. For such a reasonable cost, you are able to have a wonderful party dress. Say yes to Vietnam travel!

There are a lot of clothing stores in Hanoi capital. Once you travel this city, you should purchase one to dress up as Hanoi girls or give your sisters. We hope this reviews from Hanoi guide of popular stores above help you find out your favorite store and get your most beautiful ballgown with an affordable price. 

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