Which Hanoi street food you can buy with US $1

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Despite of the fact that the cost living in Vietnam in general and in Hanoi in particular has risen tremendously in recent years, you can still enjoy the taste of Hanoi street food through a food tour within a day with just some dollars in your pocket. Below is the list of five different types of food that a dollar can be paid for.

1. Hanoi street food: Glutinous rice doughnut (Banh ran)

Salty doughnuts are Hanoi street food with crispy crust and hot ingredients

Glutinous rice doughnut (Banh ran) which is sold in many sidewalks around Hanoi. This is a delicious Hanoi street food that is loved by young people after they finish their work or studying at school. You can taste the delicious flavors of the soft sticky rice flour, crispy shells sprinkled with some roasted sesame seeds. Although the cake is extremely soft, it is not sticky; especially, the cake still remains crispy when being cold. You will be surprised as soon as knowing about the price of this food because it just costs only  1000 VND for each cake.

2. Hanoi street food: Fried fermented pork roll (Nem chua ran)

It is considered as a delicious street food of Hanoi cuisine.

Fried fermented pork roll (Nem chua ran) is also well-known to visitors who was in a Vietnam tour, typically those travelled to The Old Quarter in Hanoi. This food is probably an extremely familiar Hanoi street food of Hanoi youth. Normally, the fried fermented pork roll is put in a round tray lined with banana leaves, served with chili sauce, cucumber, green mango or peas to prevent it from cloying eater’s appetite. Enjoying the greasy, crunchy and steaming hot of this food in the chilly weather of Hanoi will be a great feeling. Especially, each tray of fried fermented pork roll for a person is just from VND 20.000 to 25.000.

3. Hanoi street food: Banana cake, sweet potato cake

Almost every street in Hanoi you also grab this food

With the price is VND 5000 – 6000/piece as well as some easy-to-find ingredients such as banana, sweet potato, wheat flour, water and sugar, a piece of crispy and fragrant banana cake or sweet potato cake is made. Those cakes are indispensable throughout Hanoi street food, especially in winter season. The steaming hot cakes can help you to dispel the hunger as well as to fill the belly that is constantly ringing.

4. Hanoi street food: Pyramidal rice dumpling (Banh gio)

A popular dish of Hanoians and be sold anywhere in Hanoi

Another type of cake in Hanoi has the very cheap price- about VND 10.000 per one, which is pyramidal rice dumpling (Banh gio). This cake is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with bone water, filled inside with onion, meat and fungus, and wrapped with banana leaves. You can find this food quite a lot in Hanoi streets, especially in the morning. This is one of traditional cakes of Hanoi people, which has its own unique taste and fragrance.

5. Hanoi street food: Balut (Trung vit lon)

A nutritious food which is popular across Vietnam

Balut is a kind of egg, that is a developing duck embryo. Each balut costs only VND 7000-8000. This is one of the popular Hanoi street food and is considered as a nutritious dish. The food is sold on the street, at street corners, or in small restaurants. Normally, the eggs are boiled and eaten with some kinds of spices such as laksa leaves, freshly sliced ginger, vinegar, salt and lime pepper or salt and kumquat pepper. Each region has different way to eat this food. In Hanoi, the eggs are removed from the shell and immediately put into small bowls, and then you will eat them with a spoon.

6. Hanoi street food: Tao Pho

Indispensable dish in summer in Hanoi

The last one in this list is Tao Pho which has price from VND 7000 to 8000 per bowl. The main ingredient of Tao Pho is bean curd mixed with sugar water, dried coconut and some kinds of jelly. If you was once in Hanoi in summer reason, you must be familiar with the image of a salesman carrying a box of Tao Pho on a bicycle, roaming the streets and saying “Ai pho day…” in the hot weather, you should try this food and enjoy the cool and slightly sweet taste it brings. This will help you not feeling hot anymore.

These six dishes are just a small part in the list of the under one dollar food in Hanoi. Besides, there is a variety of other food, which you should keep in mind to try one day.

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