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If you want to choose a place in Vietnam travel or you want to discover Vietnam food, Hoi An (호이안) will be one of the most suitable destinations for you. Not only does Hoi An (호이안) attractive visitors by peacefully ancient streets but it is also famous for delicious Hoi An (호이안) food.

These five following Hoi An (호이안) food are considered as the most popular ones in Hoi An (호이안) that you must-eat in your Vietnam trip.

Hoi An Food: Cao Lau

Very popular dish you should taste in Hoi An trip

Cao Lau – Hoi An (호이안) food which can not be forgot when talking about Hoi An (호이안)in particular and Quang Nam in general. This is a special dish appeared hundreds years ago. From time to time, Cao Lau does change a lot but still remains traditionally unique taste. Cao Lau is a delectable dark pork broth with fat yellow noodles, slices juicy pork, served with bean sprouts, green vegetables, slices of crispy croutons. Almost ingredients of this food have their own origins: water from an ancient Cham wells around Hoi An (호이안), vegetables from Tra Que vegetable village, the ashes from Cham island. Those makes Cao Lau special and really worth trying.

Hoi An (호이안) Food: Vermicelli (Bun mam nem)

A unique dish in the Centre of Vietnam

Anchovy fish sauce with vermicelli (Bun mam nem) is also a dish that many people will immediately think of when travelling to Hoi An (호이안). Among lots of kinds of vermicelli in Vietnam food tour such as vermicelli and grilled chopped meat (bun cha) or vermicelli and crab paste vermicelli (bun rieu), this vermicelli is still unique due to its special sauce. Actually, its sauce is a type of fish sauce made from pure fresh fish, accompanied by some special spices like chili, garlic and pineapple. Besides, to add flavor, the cook adds to this food pork and roasted peanuts. Just with the first try, you can clearly feel the characteristic salty and characteristic spicy that is unforgettable of the food. It deserves be one of the most famous Hoi An (호이안) food that you should definitely try even coming here once.

Hoi An (호이안) Food: Hoi An Chicken rice (Com ga Hoi An)

Unforgetable taste of this dish makes it more popular

Another typical Hoi An (호이안) food is Hoi An chicken rice (Com ga Hoi An). The main ingredients of this food, of course, are chicken and white rice. Selected rice must be fluffy, mixed with a tiny bit of turmeric for color, and chicken is coarsely shredded chicken, torn into small pieces. In addition, it also requires crushed onions, Vietnamese coriander and other spices. This will be surely a dish that you can not forget when tasting it.

Hoi An (호이안) Food: Quang noodle (My Quang)

There are many types of Quang Noodle such as Quang shrimp noodle, Quang pork noodle, Quang chicken noodle

Unlike ordinary noodles made of wheat flour, Quang noodle is made of rice flour. Broth of Quang noodle is cooked from the main ingredients such as pork, pork bones,… People often use tomato sauce to create beautiful colors and aromas for broth. Quang noodle broth does not cook in a thin form but in very thick and flavored form. Today, Quang noodle is transformed into many different types such as Quang shrimp noodle, Quang pork noodle, Quang chicken noodle and so on. The name of the noodle depends on the main food eaten with noodle, normally are animals. However, no matter how the main food changes, Quang noodle soup still remains unique due to the richness of the broth and being served with a variety of herbs like mint leaves, houttunya,… These make Hoi An (호이안) food is so diverse.

Hoi An (호이안) Food: Hoi An bread (Banh my Hoi An)

A must-try food when traveling to Hoi An (호이안)

Hoi An bread is a famous food not only in Hoi An (호이안) but also all over the world. The crust is grilled and fragrant. Selected meat is grilled chicken with lemongrass or roasted pork instead of cold meat or steamed meat like other types of bread. Besides, there are vegetables inside the bread such as onion and pepper, which makes its taste more special.

Hoi An food: Vietnamese culinary elite

All in all, if you have a chance to go to Hoi An (호이안), you should try all five above mentioned dishes in order to understand more about Hoi An (호이안) food in particular and Vietnam food in general.

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