6 Craft Beer Shops For Hanoi Street Food By Night

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The craft beer industry has skyrocketed to meteoric heights across Vietnam in recent years. With beer, being the predominant alcoholic beverage of choice in Vietnamese popular culture, there is no shortage of thirsty consumers. In Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, there are numerous thirst quenching high quality options in the relatively adolescent yet burgeoning local market.

Here are 5 names that are of great recommendation from both expats and those who are the big fan of brewery.

1. Hanoi street food by night: iBiero Craft Beer Station

One of the most highly regarded craft beer restaurants in all of Hanoi. An eclectic and diverse seasonal beer selection helps to wash down the succulent and always delicious array of international cuisine. The friendly, attentive staff and long tables encourage a warm and open atmosphere perfect for meeting new friends, which makes this restaurant one of best places to eat in Hanoi. As Vietnam’s only fully local-run craft brewery the wide ranging selection of beers to choose from maintains a Vietnamese twist.

2. Hanoi street food by night: Pasteur Street Brewing — Hanoi Taproom

‘The most award-winning brewery in the emerging Vietnamese craft beer market’. An amalgamation of american hops, European malt and exotic Vietnamese ingredients perfectly blend together to create these refreshing creations. Having concocted more than 200 distinct beers to date, both the seasonal and year-round selection will satisfy any palette. The restaurant of course has a wide range of delicious western dishes to choose from and is a favourite among expats and locals of all ages.

3. Hanoi street food by night: Westlake Station

If you still wonder where to eat in Hanoi at night, an authentic French bistro complete with a french head chef, visitors to this beautiful Tay Ho location will find a wide selection of craft beer and delicious pizza made from wood-fired ovens. A masterfully designed garden accompanies the warm atmosphere and the friendly staff help every step of the way. Guests can also enjoy a game of pool while they try out the different delicious brews on tap.

4. Hanoi street food by night: Pizza Belga

 Wood fired pizza and craft beer are a match made in heaven and Pizza Belga specializes in both. A popular combination, . Beautiful indoor and outdoor seating in a magnificent courtyard provides the perfect atmosphere for mingling and indulging in the finer things in life. Hanoi street food by night is various, depending on your favorite kind of food, you can choose foreign or local food in this city. 

5. Hanoi street food by night: Chops

With three distinct locations scattered throughout the city, it’s never too far away to find a Chop station around your accommodation. Complete with burgers, beers and babes, there is not much more a man could ask for. A wide selection of succulent meats and local craft beers will surely get the testosterone rushing and remind your significant other of the good old days.

There are still plenty more brewery tap room out there and waiting to be discovered first by the travelers like you. During your Vietnam travel, make sure that you don’t miss the taste of craft beer – Hanoi street food by night in great sync with the local cuisines from the merry-old Hanoi.  

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