The Food Of Vietnam: 3 Vintage Coffee Shops in Da Nang

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Da Nang is known to be a city of beaming lights and the luxurious lifestyle, and of constant motion; of course, charming in its own way. But in the never-ending hustle of Da Nang, sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in its rapid pace, so much so that many of us might feel disconnected with our own roots. Hence, the creative world here might have noticed the need of something “old” yet “new”, something that would take us back to the “good old days” when everything’s nature was not about speed. What’s more calming than a cup of fresh-brewed coffee in the style of the traditional brewery, and sitting in a reviving atmosphere of an “old” coffee shop? Here is a list of 3 most nostalgic coffee shops which feature the food of Vietnam. 

1. The food of Vietnam: “Cộng” Cafe

Address: 96 – 98 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

“Cộng Cafe” might not be the newest name in the coffeeholic world, as they have many branches across the big cities of Vietnam. However, there’s something people keep craving for Cộng. It’s not just their unique menu of Vietnamese food and drinks, but it’s also the atmosphere here.

Cộng’s rustic style (credits:

Cộng Cafe has this unique vibe to it that makes people instantly feel at home when coming to their stores, and can’t help but wanting for more.

What’s special about Cộng? I once mentioned earlier that Cộng has a special menu for coffee lovers; perhaps that is why it is popular not just among Vietnamese coffeeholic, but also those of other countries, such as Korea. Cộng Cafe is usually the start of the passion for coffee for many young people but can be fully enjoyed by aged people as well. My guess is because of the simplicity in the way they make their coffee that makes their coffee stands out from the crowd of more modern coffee shops.

Retro decors can be found anywhere at Cộng (credits:

Moreover, what is now known to be a signature kind of coffee that only Cộng can properly offer, is their coconut coffee. Cộng Cafe offers several different kinds of coconut coffee, not just the basic type, which consists of coconut milk and black coffee, and every option there is has a distinctive flavour to it that can be enjoyed by basically anybody.

Besides the coffee, Cộng Cafe wouldn’t be so memorable without their distinctive deco. Like I said, Cộng has this vibe – “the food of Vietnam” to it that is extremely calming. It is said that it’s best to visit Cộng in the morning, because it’s a great way to start off your day separated from the bustling world and take a step back to enjoy your morning coffee. The main theme of Cộng Cafe is dominated with a subtle, “vintagey” color pattern that isn’t too loud, well-decorated with retro decors in every little corner of the store. Some familiar things (but sometimes kind of strange) like an old electric fan, or a dusty speaker can easily be spotted at any Cộng store; even some old historical documents about wartime is definitely never out of the question.

2. The food of Vietnam: “Ka Cộng” Cafe (79 Ha Bong Str., Son Tra Dist.)

Address: 79 Hang Bong Street, Son Tra District.

Although similar in concept to other nostalgic cafes of Vietnam, Ka Cong also has an old style, but it’s their unique “vintage breath” that is refreshing about this coffee store.

Ka Cong’s use of greens and yellows as signature theme color (credits:

Ka Cộng is very popular among the young people of Da Nang, as they have a very noticeable way of decorating their store using colors, mainly greens and yellows, a very calming yet refreshing combination of colors.

Ka Cong’s interior (credits:

The whole design of the store is from the owner himself. He personally designed and created the whole theme of Ka Cộng. The decorations used in the coffee shop are all known items back in the days, such as black and white television, retro lights, old-style clock,… giving Ka Cong a reminiscing vibe.

What makes Ka Cong stand out is its serenity. Everything here offers a connection to the past, Vietnamese food and drinks in the past as well, acting as a time machine bringing their visitors a ride back to the good old days.

3. The food of Vietnam: “Nối” Coffee

Address: 113/18 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Hai Chau District

Nối Coffee (credits:

Located in a small alley on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Noi Cafe is not only a gathering place for many of the young generation, but it is also well-known among the middle-aged coffee lovers.

The classic charm of Nối Coffee is in the store’s retro style, with decorations from the past such as the old CDs, vintage music player, in wonderful harmony with the store’s dusty walls and the more quiet, chilled vibe the store brings. Nối also offers the authentic coffee taste and the food of Vietnam to visitors. 

Nối’s decorations from the past (credits:

If you’re looking for some interesting coffee shops or place to savor the food of Vietnam to stop by during your Vietnam travel, family vacation or even honeymoon, above are the 3 retro coffee stores that are quite famous among the younger generations of the city of Da Nang. Hence, I suppose the young nowadays are more drawn to, as well as feel the need of having a certain level of connection to the past of their ancestors, perhaps to keep them grounded, or simply to find their own inner peace somewhere in this big big world.

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