Hanoi Guide: Top 5 Wedding Photogenic Spots in Hanoi

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Hanoi appears to have beautiful plus varied architectural construction, both modern and ancient. Wanna get the fullest of this beloved city? Lucky you! We have tried our best to list out top 5 venues in Hanoi to show off your happiness before getting married to the true half, by taking a wedding album in your Vietnam travel trip. Why not? Let’s note these tips from the useful Hanoi guide and choose your most favorite destinations. 

1. Hanoi guide: Hoan Kiem Lake

Apart from known as “a flower basket” in the center of Hanoi rife with rich history, Hoan Kiem Lake is an award-winning spot for brides and grooms to record their happy poses. Green leaves, pristine blue sky, red of flamboyant flowers, yellow of hackberry, purple of giant crepe-myrtle – All of these symbolic colors that you won’t find anywhere offer imposing corners for your perfect wedding photos. 

Wedding Photogenic Spots In Hanoi - Credit: LouisStudio

This will be a beautiful touch to your Vietnam travel. Plus, a small shrine in the center of the lake was built in the 1880s to honor the turtle; it can’t be visited, but certainly makes the spot even more photogenic. On special occasions, lanterns and other decorations add to the already attractive scenes. Gardens line the banks of the lake and are stunning around spring and during these festival times. 

Hoan Kiem Lake

2. Hanoi guide: Hanoi Old Quarter

Packed with charming French-colonial architecture, Buddist temples and pagodas, Hanoi Old Quarter is one of the most classic venues for many loving Hanoian couples. The quarter is the joining hub of many antique houses, boutique shops, art galleries, souvenir shops as long as street vendors, which reminds us of a scenic ancient Hanoi built nearly a century ago. The complete wedding artworks can’t be more satisfying in the Western style. These unlimited angles are all there for you!

After the photo-shooting, the Hanoi guide highly recommends trying the Vietnamese classic pedicabs since the 13th century or maybe stopping by local tea or coffee shop that provide chairs to sit outdoor to really emerge yourself in the life of people there.

You can also take advantage on the background of local coffee shop to have some amazing wedding photos

3. Hanoi guide: Hanoi Opera House

Resembling the Opera de Paris, the Hanoi Opera House or Grand Opera House Hanoi is a magnificent landmark, which was built during the 19th century under French colonization in Vietnam. It overwhelms visitors from front façade with French neo-classical design to the interior decoration with T-shape white marble staircase centered with red carpet, crystal chandeliers, large wall mirrors, Corinthian columns, and colorful dome. The Opera House is undoubtedly a gorgeous hub for spouses!

Hanoi Opera House

Only one small reminder that the opening hours may vary during a week: 10:30 AM every Monday and Friday (the visiting duration is 1 hour 30 minutes), from 8 AM for Sunday. So make sure you come just in time to enjoy your Vietnam travel to the fullest!

4. Hanoi guide: Bai Da Song Hong – Hanoi hidden romantic botanic garden

It would take your roughly half an hour to drive from the center of Ha Noi to Bao Da Song Hong – a place considered as one of best places to visit in Hanoi . This place has a peaceful and fresh beauty rife with colorful flowers in contrast to the dazzlingly busy life of the urban. Flower gardens such as cauliflower, daisy, and cockscomb are meticulously created to serve the demand for romantic, eye-catching wedding photo albums. 

The Song Hong Flower Garden is a charming spot for couples who love romantic-style wedding album

Besides this spectacular scenery, you and your true love would be even more excited with the cool and fresh breeze that is typical of northern Vietnamese weather. Be prepared for countless wows you would receive from your friends when they look at these exceptional beautiful shoots surrounded by nature.

5. Hanoi guide: Long Bien Bridge

The historically magnificent look of this cantilever bridge would surprisingly enhance the value of your pre-marital photos. Not only a symbol of courage during the Vietnam war, but Long Bien bridge is also a “hot” background for brides and grooms to take the perfect poses with unique architectural and cultural value. The Vietnamese locals even get the message across that couples especially spouses coming to this bridge would maintain their relationship as strong as the courageous history of Long Bien – a perfect wish for your marriage!  

Capture the first sunlight of a day in your photos on Long Bien Bridge will make your wedding album become more special

Thank you for choosing Hanoi to be your best place to keep your wedding memories. We hope that with our Hanoi guide, you will have the unforgettable memories during your wedding photo shooting. 

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