Where to go to explore Hue attractions in 1 day?

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If you have no idea of where to go and what interest lies in Hue, also considering whether it’s worth for your Vietnam travel trip. Follow us to the 5 Hue attractions below and discover the scenic area which is nicely combined between the Hue royal architecture and natural surroundings.

1. Hue attractions: Hue Citadel

If only have 1 day, the first place that cannot miss is Hue Citadel, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage since 1993, also must-visit Hue attractions

Inside the Citadel, there are 3 areas which are the Citadel, Imperial and Forbidden City. Coming to Grand Citadel, you will have a chance to admire a beautiful and unique architecture bolding the history of Vietnam.

The beautiful and fanciful Hue Citadel at night

Besides getting to know the history of these magnificent palaces, the altar shrine under the Nguyen dynasty, you can also take some photos throwing back to the heroic time of the nation. After visiting the Citadel, you can buy tickets to the other 3 main mausoleums of Minh Mang, Tu Duc, and Khai Dinh to make the trip more interesting as they do offer the combo ticket for visiting the Royal Sites with cheaper price.

Sightseeing Ticket Fee
3-site entrance ticket (Hue Citadel – Minh Mang – Khai Dinh)

  • Adult: VND 280.000/ person
  • Children: VND 55.000/ child

4-site entrance ticket (Hue Citadel – Minh Mang – Tu Duc – Khai Dinh)

  • Adult: VND 360.000/ person

Children: VND 70.000/ child

If you need an all-covered trip to Hue Royal Tombs, check the experience HERE.

2. Hue attractions: Thien Mu Pagoda

About 5km to the west of Hue City, Thien Mu Pagoda is a famous spiritual tourist destination in Hue. It becomes a sacred pagoda that attracts visitors by mysterious stories, ancient and peaceful beauty. If visiting Hue for 1 day, but not yet visited Thien Mu Pagoda, it is considered that you have not arrived. Through many ups and downs, the pagoda has become a symbol of Hue City. Without visiting this famous pagoda, you may regret missing the most special Hue attractions

A sacred pagoda

There have been many tourists who spend a lot of time traveling to this spiritual place to contemplate and pray for their beloved and themselves. 

3. Hue attractions: Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market - a must-visit in Hue for knowing the local cuisine

It will be missing for not visiting Dong Ba Market and buying some souvenirs for relatives. It is located near Trang Tien Bridge and Gia Hoi Bridge which is, at first sight, the market is as normal as many other markets in Vietnam but surprisingly impressive with local cuisine.

Popular Hue cakes that must try
Various kinds of sweet soup
Nem nuong (Grilled Rolls)

In your discovering the massive stalls here, don’t forget to enjoy Hue local specialties such as beef noodle soup, rice mussel, soup cakes, sweet soups, noodle sauce, etc. Normally, tourists often visit the pagodas and tombs in the morning and visit Dong Ba market for shopping in the afternoon. It is also considered as an experience of saving-time travel to Hue for 1 day.

To have a full day through the most famous sites of Hue such as Dong Ba Market, Hue Citadel, especially cruising on a dragon boat along the Perfume River to Thien Mu Pagoda. All transportation, boat trip, and guide included experience is HERE

4. Hue attractions: Trang Tien Bridge

Trang Tien Bridge at night

Referring to the symbol of Hue, many people will immediately think of Trang Tien Bridge located across the romantic and lyrical Perfume River. Today, Trang Tien Bridge becomes one of Hue attractions which tourist would love to visit once. 

Standing on the bridge, watching the Perfume River drifting away and hearing a few boats echoing the sound in the distance, the music of Hue singing makes the heart vibrant, hard to forget. The image of the Trang Tien bridge is even more impressive when the night falls down, shimmering with colorful lights such as green, red, purple, yellow,.. making the bridge more attractive to viewers

Want to obtain the history of Hue during wartime with many untold stories, along with visiting Trang Tien bridge, check out this experience HERE

5. Hue attractions: Hue National School

European scene at Hue National School

One more one-day Hue travel destination suggested for you is Hue National High School. This is one of the most beautiful schools in Vietnam with a typical French-Vietnamese architecture.

"Ao dai" in Hue

Not only is the school famous for many remarkable academic achievements, but National University of Hue attracts many tourists and young people of Hue because of its drop-dead view.

Sometimes you will see pictures of schoolboys or schoolgirls wearing “ao dai”, skirts, or jeans to pose near the windows, classrooms or school gates, … to save the bright years of youth. If you arrive on the occasion of February and March, you can admire the cherry blossom season blooming in the school yard.

After reading this reviews, we hope you will find you most favorite Hue attractions to visit in one day traveling in this poetic city and have meaningful experience in Vietnam. 

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