Upcoming festival in 2019 of Ho Chi Minh City

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Ho Chi Minh City Street Show

Ho Chi Minh Street show main theme will be “Refresh your summer”. This festival will bring some entertaining activities such as: Bubble show, Water Drum show, Violin show, Water Festival with Live Music, Acoustic Live Show, and traditional instrument performance. The show will intergratethe introduction of new ecotourism attractions of Ho Chi Minh City – a perfect choice for summer

Ho Chi Minh City International Travel Expo

This is the largest and most established travel event in the Mekong in Vietnam. ITE HCMC is a great opportunity for tourism businesses domestically and internationally to coordinate and introduce local tourism products and services. This collaboration is to fully develop the tourism potential of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, thereby enhancing their potential to draw in large amounts of tourists.


Location: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre (SECC), D7
Time: September annually

HCMC Ao Dai Festival

Ao Dai Festival is held annually at various locations in the city. There are many special programs, such as the Duyen Dang Ao Dai contest, drawing Ao Dai on paper contest, a design contest, Ao Dai fashion show, and more, during the festival. This is a chance for Vietnamese to honor the values of traditional culture, the gentle beauty of Ao Dai Vietnam and the traditional clothes of the Vietnamese women. HCMC Ao Dai Festival is an interesting experience for both locals and foreign tourists.

Location: Downtown
Time: Every March

Nguyen Hue Street Spring Festival

Nguyen Hue Street Spring Festival Organized in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Hue Flower Street is brightly decorated with colorful flowers and ornamental plants from all over the country. The festival usually lasts a week long, throughout Tet holiday. There are also ethnical music performances, dance stalls, traditional games. This is a cultural beauty of the city which not only locals but also foreign tourists love during springtime.

HCMC Aodai Festival Ao Dai Festival is held annually at Dam Sen Cultural Park. There are many special programs such as Duyen Dang Aodai contest, drawing Aodai on paper contest, Aodai design contest, Aodai fashion show, etc, during the festival. This is a chance for Vietnamese to honor the values of traditional culture, the gentle beauty of Aodai Vietnam and the traditional clothes of the Vietnamese women. HCMC Aodai Festival is an interesting experience for both locals and foreign tourists.

Location: Nguyen Hue Walking Street, D1
Time: 7:30am – 10:00pm

Hung King Memorial Day

Hung Kings’ festival is the time to celebrate and worship the first king of Vietnam, who established the first ancient dynasty of Vietnam. The festival consists of a huge parade which gathers more than 4,000 people to recreate the legends around Hung King. There are a lot of activities during the festival such as: regional culture day, the ethnic music programs, martial arts performances, traditional vietnam music performance as “hat boi”, “cai luong” and unique traditional games .

Location: Suoi Tien and Dam Sen Park
Time: 10th of Lunar March

Southern Fruit Festivals 2017

Coming to the Southern Fruit Festival, visitors will not be able to ignore the Fruit Festival parade and the fruit decorating contest. Furthermore, the Fruit Market will last for three summer months with good quality special discount offers for visitors. There are many special activities during the festival, including an exhibition of rare and valuable fruits, contests on making art pieces from fruits, performances of bartenders making beverages from fruits.

Location: Suoi Tien Tourist Area
Time: June annually

Whale Worship Festival

Considered as “Tet of Fishermen”, the festival is celebrated to worship the Whale or Ca Ong and to pray for a peaceful sea for a good harvest and prosperity. A series of traditional performance and games are also organised such as tug of war or stilt walking. Many people, both locals and tourists, come to the area at this time of the year to see colorfully decorated boats and join traditional activities during the festival.

Location: Can Thanh hamlet, Can Gio D
Time: 14th to 17th of the eighth lunar month


Location: 23/9 Park, D1
Time: December annually

Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Fair

Tourism Festival in Ho Chi Minh City takes place every year with tourism-focused activities: summer markets, ceremonies honouring tourism brands, singing contests, etc. Visitors to the “Tourism Festival” will choose for themselves favourite tourism promotion programs, and get information on new tours and tips for an interesting trip. HCMC Tourism Fair attracts a large number of tourism agencies and people who love travelling every year.

Attendance: Attract more than 150 booths, including 37 cities and provinces, more than 100 tourism enterprises nationwide; 50,000 visitors and explore the tour.
Location: Le Van Tam Park

The Gastronomy from the Southern Land 2017

Dat Phuong Nam Food Festival introduces the food culture of Vietnam and the southern lands. Visitors can enjoy the traditional music repertoire by Southern artists for entertainment. The festival is an opportunity to experience the exciting atmosphere of the Southern rural market, to taste a variety of food and to participate in many fall games. There are also several cooking contests during the festival.

Location: Dam Sen Park
Address: 3 Hoa Binh Street, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Time: Every May

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