What to see in Hanoi: Traditional Water Puppet Show

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Each culture in each country in the world has its own unique point that makes it special. A Vietnam travel trip to Hanoi cannot miss watching the water puppet show to explore more about Hanoi history.

Hanoi Authentic Must-watch Water Puppet Show
Water Puppet Show at Thang Long Theater

Let's explore why Traditional puppet show is the best answer for the question What to see in Hanoi!

Along with Tuong and Cheo, the water puppet show is considered as a crucial art form in Vietnam’s national theater industry. “Born” by the discovery and creativity of farmers and associated with the wet rice cultivation in the Red River Delta, this art is the “spiritual food” that brings people back to their roots, where it began from simple things. That is also the reason why domestic and foreign tourists love to buy tickets to see Thang Long water puppet show in Hanoi.

A special stage that build on water

An interesting fact that a few travelers know is that puppet shows appear in many countries but only in Vietnam that water puppet show is available. Appeared in the Ly dynasty, water puppet show has many different characteristics such as using water surface as a stage, a water puppet chamber with the same structure as the old one in rural Vietnam.

Talented artists always stand behind the scene

In particular, the success or failure of the show depends much on the skill of the puppet controller. Besides, music also plays a huge role in the show to attract audiences more. The national instruments that travelers can see in the show are wooden bells, bamboo flutes, drums, cymbals, etc,…

One of the short scene of water puppet show

Almost shows today often consist of the short play with the traditional contents like daily life of Vietnamese farmers, dragon dancing, buffalo fighting, wrestling, or a re-enactment of the Legend of the Restored Sword of King Le. Now you know the attractive puppet show in the list of what to see in Hanoi.

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The first university of Vietnam

Besides watching Water Puppet Show, it would be best if spending the next free hours for going around Hanoi to deeply explore the culture here. Let’s visit the oldest university in Vietnam – the Temple of Literature. Started construction in 1070 under the Tran Dynasty, Literature Temple still is dedicated to Confucius, sages, and scholars, where thousands of talented graduates were trained for serving country during the feudal period.

Turle Tower in the heart of Sword Lake

The first image reminds tourists who used to visit Hanoi even once that is the Sword Lake (Ho Guom) – a beautiful symbol of Hanoi capital for many years. You can have a walk around the lake to see the beautiful view and bustling streets of Hanoi and don’t miss to see the sunset view here.

The Huc Bridge in Hoan Kiem Lake

The Huc Bridge – across the lake covered with splendid red, is as attractive as some other heritages here: Ngoc Son Temple, Turtle Tower.

Hanoi streets lie many hidden alleys in the Old Quarter. Previously, 36 streets of Hanoi were named after business goods but today only a few streets still maintain that trade forms. Time has changed a bit but it is still the scene with the small shops under the mossy attic, the yellow walls, the close tiled roof, and the old green windows to take a visit.

No more wonder about what to see in Hanoi and where to visit in Hanoi, we have summed up all best attractions in the capital of Vietnam. We hope you will experience like never before in the beautiful country of Vietnam. 

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