Sapa Excursion With A Full Day Through The Best Serene Highland Villages

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Sapa, “City in the Mist”, is famous for its majestic mountains, fresh and cool year-round air, will help you enjoy hours of relaxation. With the Sapa excursion, you will have the opportunity to experience many unique cultures of ethnic minorities in the Northern Mountain region.

City in the Mist

Let's explore the interesting things during your Sapa excursion!

Unlike the bustling Sa Pa Town, the rural remote villages offer a more peaceful and rustic vibe with the local’s houses. The first place, Chapa Valley, with its evergreen rice terraces cascading down like a waterfall and natural flowing river, is close to nature. From Chapa Valley, you can admire the picturesque view of Fansipan peak and Muong Hoa Valley. At the same time, you also see the diligence of indigenous people in the vast fields. Chapa Valley will help you to relax in comfort, leave the busy life in back, immerse in the new fresh feeling, and enjoy exciting and unforgettable moments in Vietnam trip.

Overview of Chapa Valley

Vietnam tour to Sapa, travelers will cross about 8 – 9 Km Southeast of Sapa town on the west bank of Muong Hoa River to visit Hang Da Village. This is a commune composed of three large villages with more than 100 Black H’mong ethnic families. From a high point of the main road 8km from Sapa town, you can get a great view of the whole village open wide, which offers the marvelous panorama of the village, backed by high mountains and facing the river. The village has not only green nature, fresh & cool air but also the friendly and warm locals.

The mountainous area of Sapa is an interesting place to discover

Continue on the journey and pass several fields downhill, you will then head toward Hau Thao Village. This is an ethnic minority, living in the North-West mountain of Vietnam, just a stone-throw away from China. Before 2009, the villagers did not access to electricity, but now they still cook on an open fire stove. Arriving in Hau Thao Village, you will have a chance to explore in details some rocks with carved drawings, strange characters that so far have not identified the origin and meaning.

Hau Thao village still remains its untouched beauty and landscape

The last destination in this Sapa excursion is Giang Ta Chai, situated on the foot of Fansipan Mountain. Coming to Giang Ta Chai, you are offered with various breathtaking sights of superb mountain ranges, bamboo forest, vast terraced paddies, stunning waterfalls and challenging trail to the village. If you are adventurous, this trek to Giang Ta Chai is a must-try. This village challenges travelers with its interesting trekking paths through bamboo forests and giant old trees, terraced rice fields which are also less-known.

Village for advanture

Besides, Giang Ta Chai is the home of Red Dzao. Visitors can have an opportunity to experience their lifestyle and freely discover their unique culture as well as customs. One of the most outstanding of their features is that they often put on vivid brocade clothes.

Children wear plain black trousers and a long black tunic with embroidered cuffs and lapels

In every village around Sa Pa town, there are unique beauty of nature and people that make tourists passionate. Therefore, don’t wait for anything, let’s off the beaten track and start your Sapa excursion, experience and enjoy the amazing things in locals’ life in this Vietnam’s Northwest highland.

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