Places Near Ho Chi Minh City: The Water World & Rural Life in Mekong Delta

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Sometimes, the city seems to be so noisy. The crowd, the motorbike flow, the horn and rumbling from every direction make you wish for some quietness in the rural area. Add a Mekong Delta – one of places near Ho Chi Minh City into your Vietnam trip; the place will leave a nostalgic feeling as well as a touch of rural breeze that makes you amazed.

The variety of green in Mekong Delta village

Let's explore Mekong Delta - one of the best places near Ho Chi Minh City

For your Vietnam tour to Mekong Delta, don’t forget to bring along your hat, sun cream, and glasses. For 1.5 hours, you will approach the land of alluvium and peace is the Vinh Trang Pagoda. No matter what religion you devote to, it is the architect of the 19th century that is worth the admiration, not to mention the tranquil atmosphere in the area. Take a few minutes walking around the precinct and inhale the restful air. Don’t forget to show reverent gesture to the lying Buddha statue.

Vinh Trang Temple is the most famous Buddhist architectural temple in the southern Vietnam
Experience the sampan ride along Mekong River

Get on the sampan and enjoy one of best trips from Ho Chi Minh City through 4 islands named after 4 sacred mythical creatures of Dragon, Unicorn, Phoenix, and Tortoise Island. The first stop is at Unicorn Islet where you can enjoy the picturesque countryside. There is no paved roads nor electric poles along the lane; only trees, orchards, canals, and friendly smiles. Take a seat under a thatched roof watching to the rustic artists perform and sing folk songs while tasting the home-grown fruits.

Listen to the Southern Vietnamese folk music performed by locals with surrounding peaceful scenery

The boat will continue taking you to the neighbor islet with more hidden attractions behind. You will visit a bee farm grown by a family business. Take your chance to hold the giant python pet of the home here. Have a sip of honey tea brewed freshly right at your arrival. The home-made 100% natural honey here will make a valuable gift for your beloved ones. 

Visit a true honey farm and witness the process of hardworking bee for producing such natural honey

Back to the sampan after half of a trip from Ho Chi Minh City, you will cruise to the next island where another home business operates their coconut candy primitive factory. By “factory” I mean handmade sweets. You will witness the lady here with her skilled movements crafting candy from coconuts. Grab yourself a few treats before heading to the merchants to buy some packs to bring home.

Homemade coconut candy in Mekong Delta

Time for lunch. You might have heard of the Mekong delicacy, here is a great chance to verify that rumor and embrace the signature in each spoon. Don’t sit in one place after lunch, the tour gives you a bike experience around Tan Thach village in order to meet the locals while observing the tranquil daily life on the field of local farmers.

For those who need a breeze from Mekong air, throw yourself on a hammock and swing under the shades of coconut trees. 

Although leaving the beautiful rustic scenery, you’ve got tons of unforgettable moments in the land of water. Mekong Delta is one of the best places near Ho Chi Minh City that you should not miss during your time in this city. 

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